Sunday, November 1, 2009


We had a great Halloween! Milo stayed nice and warm in his monkey costume (thanks, Amy!) Milo had caught on very quickly to go up to the houses for candy. We went around with Michelle, Bella, Andrew, Brittiney, and Hula. After a while Andrew was taking Milo up to get the candy. They both had a great time!

The neatest thing that happened was as we went up to one house, there were a few people standing around a fire pit in the driveway. I said, "Come on, Milo" and two women's eyes bugged out, looked at me and said, "Is his name really Milo?" I said yes, and they said that there was another Milo in the garage. It was a 79 year-old man! We went in and talked to him, and he had NEVER MET ANOTHER Milo! What was even funnier was that as I was talking to Milo's wife, she asked me if I'd had him through Allied Physicians (insurance). I said yes, and she must do their paperwork, because she remembered reading his name when he was born and had gone home to tell her Milo! And the 79 year-old Milo was also born in August! I just thought it was a cool thing that happened.

After all their hard work of getting candy, Milo and Bella were drinking Andrew and Brittiney's drinks. Chocolate milk just wasn't enough for them, they needed Hawaiian Punch and Iced Tea!
Harley playing with Milo.
Monkey Milo on Daddy's back (he does this all the time at home, it's how he gets up the stairs to brush his teeth). What a cute picture!
Hula in her princess costume. She wouldn't wear the crown.
Showing some of his loot. He calls it a "sour" instead of "sucker". This morning he told us he wanted "candy, chocolate". Jesse told him he could have some after lunch.
Milo, Andrew, Michelle, and Bella coming back from getting candy. I don't know the random lion in the middle, she wasn't with us!
One of the first houses he went to for candy. He wasn't scared of any house or person, so that was good. He's very good at saying, "thank you" and "treat". Bella was really good at saying "trick or treat".
Heading out to trick or treat! They were smiling at Michelle, but at least they're both smiling!
Adorable monkey!

Have a great week! Only 25 days until Thanksgiving!

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