Wednesday, September 15, 2010

This kid CRACKS ME UP!!!

During breakfast this morning Milo got down for a minute (being a bit of a pain in the rear) with one of those little sponge dinosaurs that started out as a capsule. He came back a minute later, climbed back up in his chair and told me that he needed my help getting the dinosaur out of a hole and that I would need a screwdriver. I told him I was going to finish my breakfast and then I would help him.

So we finish our breakfast and I'm sure that he's put it down the register (our house is so old it has registers in the wall that have about 1 inch square openings). Well, we walk right past the register that he has randomly "lost" things down and turn into his bedroom. I'm thinking that he put it down the register in his room, which he's never done. He instead stops in his doorway and points to the opening in the doorway where the door latches. He points in there and says that he put the dinosaur in there. I look and can't see anything, so I just started laughing and told him that I was sorry, but it's lost forever, there's no way Daddy or I could get it out. He then tells me that we need "to get some guys to tear down the house to get the dinosaur out"!!! I told him that wasn't going to happen and laughed again.

He's not upset about it, but man, does that kid know how things work!!! Jesse was confused as to how there was a space there, but I looked again and managed to get my finger almost stuck in the space, there's definitely enough room for him to get his little finger in there and lose a dinosaur. Hopefully he's learned his lesson.

Now, do I let him know that he has 11 more of those dinosaur capsules or do I wait a day or two to do another one???

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Milo's 3rd Birthday and Kite Flying

Wow, so much has been going on since my last post about camping! Milo turned three on August 21st, we can't believe it's been that long since he was just a *small* 10 pound 4 oz baby! Oh well, here are some pictures from his birthday party at Fun-n-Fitness and kite flying. Oh yeah, WOW are these picture out-of-order!!! This is long, so be prepared!

Standing on a rock down at the Riverwalk after kite flying.

Pointing to the kite in the sky!

Milo's attempt to get the kite back up in the air. This is the *one* time that he didn't get it back up all by himself! I love how his arms are still in the air, though! He did manage to get it back up 3 or 4 times.

Getting the kite back up in the air.

Milo took this picture of the kite! This is the EASIEST kite to get up! We have a dragon kite that takes a very strong wind (70 mph winds I swear!) to get up, but once it's up, it's awesome!

Milo flying the kite all by himself! He told us later that he's not strong enough to hold the kite, he needs to be bigger and stronger like Daddy. Yeah, right, beefcake!

Waiting to start kite flying, he was very excited, hence the silly grin!

Getting the blocks from Daddy and Mommy. He knew he was getting these and would randomly ask for them the entire week before his birthday. He loves to make a "car wash" for his cars, but it ends up being this long line of blocks. Either way, he's being creative, so I won't complain!

Covering his eyes while Daddy brings out the blocks (they were big enough I didn't wrap them).

Milo enjoying Uncle Brian at Fun-n-Fitness (I apologize, I don't have pictures of him with all of us aunt, uncles, and grandparents).
Opening his card from me and Daddy on his birthday morning.

Milo with his cousins and friends enjoying his new bike from Grandma Jeannie and Pawpaw!

Milo thanking Grandma Jeannie and Pawpaw for all of his stuff.

Cute Milo opening his gifts with the bow on his head.

Milo opening his gifts. It was hard to keep all the kids back, they wanted to help and play with everything as it got opened!

Inside the parachute at Fun-n-Fitness. This is Kalei and Cei is to her right. Kalei turns 10 tomorrow and we can't believe she's that old already!

Milo not looking happy, but this is one of his favorite people in the world, Miss Barb, who is/was his instructor Fun-n-Fitness. The funny thing is that he now has a new teacher, Miss Lisa, and on Tuesday during class, Milo was bouncing down the trampoline, yelling to Miss Barb (who was teaching her own group). He was giving her a thumbs up as he was bouncing and saying, "Miss Barb! Milo doing a good job!" Hilarious! I told her that maybe he needs to be in her group no matter what the age group is, because otherwise he's going to keep distracting her.

Playing with the parachute!

This is Milo's version of vacuuming. When he was younger he LOVED the vacuum cleaner! Now he claims it's too loud and runs from it. A few weeks ago he remembered that he has headphones from boat racing, so he runs and gets them, puts them on, then helps vacuum. I even have video from it.

Milo has also started swimming lessons without a parent! I was very nervous about his first class last week but was slightly hopefully because Bella (Harley and Michelle's youngest) is in his class and she's done it before. Well, there was absolutely NOTHING to be worried about! He LOVES being in this group! There are only 4 kids in the group and they get great one-on-one attention. By the end of his first class he had the "bubble" on his back (little floatie), he would throw a little toy canoe and "swim" to go get it all by himself! Jesse and I are so proud of him and hope he continues to do this well for the next 7 weeks!

As for baby news, we have found out that as long as my body cooperates, Baby Girl Carlton WILL arrive on 10/10/10! We are very excited about this! I'm really hoping that my body cooperates because I found out this week that I need to go see the specialist through the hospital because my fasting numbers for my gestational diabetes are too high. According to the doctor, when I go see the specialist, they will probably order another ultrasound (oh, too bad, I get to see my baby girl again!), and I will have weekly doctor's appointments (which would've been close to happening already since I'm 35 weeks), and a non-stress test at each appointment. Oh, and I'll most likely be put on meds to get my blood sugar under control. Should make my last 4 weeks fly by, right???

Have a great week!