Sunday, August 30, 2009

Milo's Blanket, Finally Finished!

Well, once I knew I was having a boy I started knitting him a blanket. Of course the closer the due date got, the less I wanted to knit. I'd been putting it off for a LONG time, and a few months ago I finally started working on it again. This week I told myself that once I finished reading "Breaking Dawn" (Twilight book) I wasn't allowed to read anything else until I finished the blanket. So, Saturday night, I finally finished it! Milo knew it was for him and he would tell me "warm" so that I would wrap it around him as I was working on it. The blanket was only 2 years, 1 week, and 1 day late!

This is the finished product!!!!

Silly Milo rolling around on the blanket when I laid it on the ground to take pictures of it.

Jesse and Milo playing cars. Jesse had bent over and made the cars go through his legs, so of course Milo had to do it, too! This is the closest I got to having them go under. Milo was having a blast!

A big accomplishment tonight-Milo went pee on the potty for the first time! Yeah! He started showing interest in sitting on the toilet Thursday night, so Friday we went and got him a potty seat (for the big toilet, he doesn't want to sit on the little toilet), and he sits on it 2 or 3 times a day and tonight was success!

Milo also has his own pet now, a goldfish named "Feesh". He keeps saying he wants to hold it, but I have to sadly tell him that he can't hold "Feesh", just look at it. He does try to help me carry the tank, though. "Feesh" spends the night in Milo's room in order to be protected from the cat, and spends the day in the living room. Good thing the rooms are on the same level!

Have a great week!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Walmart vs Milo, Fun, Boat Racing and 2 year Pictures!

There's a lot to catch up on! Milo turned 2 on August 21st and on that day we went to Fun-n-Fitness with Mother's & More. Milo ran pretty much non-stop the whole time and had a blast! He FINALLY attempted to bounce down the trampoline, he usually just runs!

Two weeks ago we went over the Megan, Aaron, Hunter, and Hayden's and played on their big waterslide. Milo wouldn't climb up to go down the big slide, but if you put him 2/3 of the way up, he'd slide down.
Milo turning himself onto his stomach to go down the slide.

The night before Milo's birthday we went to Walmart to get some snacks for the boat race that weekend. Well, Milo was running next to the cart and fall, hitting his head on an aisle display, right at the bottom on the corner. I saw the end of him falling, saw the gash, before the blood started coming, scooped him up and walked very quickly to the bathroom. Once Jesse got a wet papertowel on it, the bleeding stopped. We couldn't get the gap to close, so we took him to Med Point and he got it glued together. In this picture you can see a purplish spot up by his hairline, that's the glue. The cut itself is only 1/3 inch long, the doctor just put a ton of glue on. Milo did so well, he hasn't been bothered with it at all! The glue is already off!!!

Milo's final gift was this 3-wheeler that was an awesome buy at a garage sale months back! It has buttons and an adjustable seat and he loves it! He was upset when I told him it had to stay in the garage when he's done playing with it. When it was in the house, though, he would stop and attempt to give Jesse a thumbs up, this was the closest we got to it in a picture.

We had a fun weekend in Celina, Ohio for the Governor's Cup Boat Race that Jesse and Josh ran the boat in. The boat didn't do too well, parts broke on it, but we all had a good time.

Milo taking a nap on Sunday. He needs the headphones because of the loud motors from the boats. While he was asleep on Saturday one boat started up and Milo jerked so hard that Aunt Justin says he almost kicked himself in the head! It was hilarious since he didn't even wake up!
Cei, Milo, and Kalei getting ready to watch Jesse run the boat. This is the best picture I have of the 3 of them (eat your heart out, Grandma!)!
Celina has this huge man-made bass (duh), which is apparently the largest in the world. Surprisingly the mouth was sturdy enough to hold Milo (all 33 pounds of him!).
Jesse running the boat around the track with my father-in-law (John) being a crew chief.
Milo "driving" the boat when we first got there. There was a professional photographer walking around and he took a bunch of pictures of Milo (starting with him in the boat) and I can't wait until he posts those online so we can see how they turned out!

We also got Milo's 2 year pictures taken last night and Target thoroughly impressed me by getting them online 4 hours later! They used to take a week to get online! I only put a few on here, there were 31 to chose from!

The smile on this one just cracks me up! We did not order any of this one!

How cute is this picture!?!?! Like father like son!

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Milo's 2nd Birthday Party!!!!

Wow! We had an awesome time at Milo's birthday party yesterday! Harley and Michelle were nice enough to let us use their house (again) for the party, which is a big help! Here are some pictures from the fun we had! He got too many presents for me to put pictures up of everything, but he is on system overload with all the toys! He bounces to and from between things!
Uncle Brian got Milo a scooter WITH a helmet, and Milo is in love! He will willingly put on the "hemet" but not the knee pads, and either be pushed or scoot himself! He even wears the helmet in the house! This picture is of the first time he went outside with it, and as you can see, he's doing it all by himself! I guess this morning he was telling Jesse that the scooter was "neat" and "fun" as he was playing with it.

Milo's MOUND of presents! He had so many he didn't know what to do with them! He only opened a few of them himself, luckily there were plenty of other kids to help him rip open the rest! Milo's in the green shirt in the middle of the picture.

We had a piñata (we call them "piestas", thanks to Lexi) that was a big number 2. This is all the kids going for the candy.

Milo hitting the piñata.
Maizie enjoying the Handy Manny cake.

We had two pools and a sprinkler set up for the kids. This one is the one for the little kids, but Milo had fun splashing in it!
Great Grandma Bunny (bottom), G.G. (Great Grandma aka Grandma Margaret), Grandad, and Grandma Elaine all saying "Cheese" for the camera.
Milo's cake.
Milo helping me dust in preparation for family coming over.
Are you guys brothers? No.....YES!!!!! Harley had to change his shirt once he saw what Jesse was wearing, that way they looked alike. Silly boys.....They also did this for our friend's wedding 2 years ago. Oh yeah, they're also showing off the Tato Skins. d-o-r-k-s
Me and Michelle. We chose not to dress alike. Although both of our outfits did have big flowers on them....
This is a family of baby racoons that came out of the tree next door. It's the only time I've seen them, they were so cute!

Milo's actual birthday is on Friday, I don't know what we'll do yet for a celebration.

Have a great week!!!! We are so glad everyone came to celebrate with us!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Fun Times

Hello and happy Sunday! We've had some good times in the last week, Milo loves to play in his pool, no matter what the temperature is outside or the water temp! I've been LOVING the temperatures this summer, Milo and I have been playing outside plenty! I'm not too happy about this warm week coming up.....

Grandma and PawPaw went through the play room at their house and Milo got this cute boat. He LOVES it! The bottom is open and he "schooches" it around the room. He's almost too big for it, but for now, he can play with it to his heart's content!

We went over to Erin and Jeremy's on Saturday and they have 4-wheelers. This was Milo's first time on one, and he thoroughly enjoyed it! He didn't like the helmet until Jesse started moving, and then he didn't care! He rode on it twice and told it "bye-bye" when he was done and it was time to go home.

Milo and Kassidy on Erin's 4-wheeler. They wouldn't look at the camera and smile at the same time. Kassidy calls him "Lilo" and he calls her "KaaKaa". He also refers to himself as "Mimo".

Milo playing in the yard while Jesse was watering grass seed. Milo loved when Jesse tried to spray him.
Going down the slide in his pool. He likes to put his arms up and say "Wheee!" while he goes down.
Milo is obsessed with his diggie at the moment. It stays outside in the garage and as soon as we go outside, he gets it out. Once he got used to having the pool outside, the diggie had to go in pool, too! He says, "scoop dump" as he fills the buckets. It cracks me up! At the playground on Friday he pretended he was a diggie and would pick up the sand in his hands, say "scoop", lift them over his head, and drop the sand saying, "dump".

This just made me laugh by butt off! I went in to get him one morning and his shirt was all wound up around his arm-I have NO idea what he had been trying to do! It was twisted twice, I think! He has not been able to take his shirt off by himself yet, maybe that's what he was trying to do!

Have a great week! We have a birthday party to get ready for....I wonder whose......

Friday, August 7, 2009

No sibling for Milo right now

Well, I'm 99% sure that I've had a miscarriage. I went in and had an ultrasound on Thursday and had blood taken. They will take it again Monday morning for a final confirmation. Jesse and I are holding up okay, we are happy that it wasn't dragged out with uncertainty. We know that we have your support and sympathy but would appreciate e-mails instead of a phone call for a few days.