Thursday, October 29, 2009

Little Zoo Boo, Pumpkins, and a New Tool Box

On Sunday we went to Little Zoo Boo here in South Bend and it was PACKED! The kids had a good time, though, Milo would hold out his hand for the candy, say "Thank you" and then put it in his bag. I thought it was hilarious! One woman handed him a lemon ball and he looked at it and said, "sour", which I know I've never said around him! We've never had them in the house!

Milo sitting on Mommy's car waiting for the Striegel's to show up. This is the closest I got him looking at the camera.

Me and Milo at Little Zoo Boo.

We carved our pumpkins last night. This is Milo helping Daddy carve his pumpkin. It was so cute because Jesse would draw different kinds of eyes, nose, and mouths on the board and Milo picked them out. Then Jesse drew the face on the pumpkin, Milo approved, and the carving began!
Milo with his finished pumpkin. Once again he wouldn't smile directly into the camera!

Our pumpkins out back with candles in them. Awesome!

Milo with the pumpkins.

When Jesse found out that Milo was going to be Handy Manny for our party Friday he ran out to the garage and made this tool box! Awesome! It looks very much like Manny's.

Milo carrying his tool box. He likes to put other things in it besides tools, like remotes for the tv and stereo!

I can't wait until our Halloween party tomorrow and trick or treating on Saturday!!!

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