Friday, June 18, 2010

Alpaca Farm!!!

This morning Milo and I joined some friends from Mothers & More and went to Once Upon an Alpaca farm here in South Bend. Milo had a great time until he got too hot, hungry, and thirsty. We ended up leaving a little early because of his attitude, but once he cooled down and ate and drank, he was back to being a happy boy and wanting to go back to the farm (another day, maybe). Right before we left, the kids were waiting in line to be able to walk an alpaca around an obstacle course. Ethan's alpaca decided to take off across the yard, pulling Ethan behind him, making us all laught! I think Ethan is 7, so he was holding on by himself, but it was quite a sight.

Milo being cute and staying cool under a tree. The poor kid got so hot he was a big sweaty mess. One friend asked me if I had poured water over him to keep him cool, unfortunately I had not...

Remember, these are in backwards, so this is an alpaca FINALLY eating the pellets out of Milo's hands. Milo LOVED it!!! The funny thing is right before he laid down for his nap he was talking to Jesse on the phone, telling him about feeding the alpaca. Jesse asked him what he fed it and Milo said, "food". I started laughing because to Milo, that's what it was. To us adults, it's a smarty-pants answer.

A funny smile, but Milo was happy to show me the alpaca food in his hands. He seriously held it for about 5 minutes before an alpaca came up to eat from him.

While waiting in line to get the food, Milo showed me how to hold his hands. I'm honestly surprised he didn't tell me that he would hold it, "nice and carefully" like he says about a lot of things.

Waiting to go in the pen. Milo ran up to the fence and this one alpaca was very interested in Milo, they're actually at eye level!

We were able to try and get pictures of the kids with an alpaca. The owner had put this one's head down by Milo's, but I wasn't quick enough to get a picture. I like the look on Milo's face, that's why this one is in here.

Enjoying petting the alpaca. It had just moved away as I took this picture. They're fast little boogers.

A successful picture of Milo petting her/him! This one LOVED being pet, it even stuck it's head out and was rubbing on Milo's head!

Playing in the pool the other day. He cracked me up because he kept this position for over a minute while getting a drink from the pool. I thought it was a split second thing and once I realized he was holding it, I was able to get out the camera and snap this.

This is the only time we were able to go strawberry picking this year. :( Oh well, he wasn't as amused as he was last year. He ate just a few while we were picking and then just kept telling us he wanted to go home. Maybe next year he'll be into it again.

I had another doctor's appointment yesterday afternoon and everything seems fine, the heartbeat was good. My next appointment is July 15th, and I'll take the next 1-hour glucose test...

Have a great weekend and Father's Day!

Monday, June 14, 2010

A few pictures to catch up on the last little while

Sorry I haven't been keeping up on pictures lately, I don't have a good excuse. Although Milo has been quite the little photographer, he loves to take my camera and just go around snapping photos! He's getting a lot better, too, he's actually somewhat centering the object in the box before pushing the button.

Before I forget, Milo started swimming lessons this morning! It's a parent/tot class, and I think he did a great job! He's the oldest in the class, they range anywhere from eight months to Milo. It's only 30 minutes, but he liked it and said he wants to go back next week. We were both starving and tired by the time nap time rolled around. I didn't realize how much I would have to lift him up and out of the water...he's a HEAVY almost 40 pounds.

We went strawberry picking a week ago and made two batches of jam. This is one picture that Milo took of the final product.

Milo smashing the strawberries for the jam.

I also got some rhubarb from a friend of mine and Milo helped to make strawberry rhubarb pies. YUM-O! This is Milo helping me roll out my home made crust (which is melt-in-your-mouth delicious).

With potty training sometimes Milo likes to leave off his underwear and pants and just play. I think it's cute and was able to snap this picture. He did tell me, "Hey! Don't take a picture of me!"

I made a sombrero graduation cake for my neighbor's son and of course Milo had to have some frosting...I love the smile, though.

"I've been working on the railroad...."at the Elkhart Train Museum. He also got to sit in an actual train engine with an air horn. Milo is not good with really loud noises, so while we were outside and a kid pulled the chain, Milo would jump and cry, poor guy.

Changing the light on the signal at the museum. His favorite part of the museum was the model trains that take up an entire room. I really think he stood there for at least 15 minutes watching them go. I think we'll have to take Daddy there another time. We even went to lunch with all the other moms and kids afterwards and luckily the restaurant gave us our own room. We had eight moms and 13 kids, all under the age of five...

A few weeks ago when it was really warm, Jesse and Milo were nice enough to wash my car. It was funny because the very next day Milo was telling me how dirty my car was and how he needed to wash it again. Then that weekend we were on our way home from a party in Columbus, Ohio, in Grandpa Joe's van. Grandpa got out to get gas and clean the windshield and Milo started telling me how dirty the windshield was "next week" and how he had to clean it.

We really should have known we are having a girl because a few days before the ultrasound Jesse took a picture of my belly and she was dancing around for the whole session! Jesse finally felt her move the other evening, which is always neat for him. Milo will tell you he's having a little sister, but he doesn't understand. He will in a few months, though...

Everything else is going well. Have a great week!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Milo's Going to Have a Little....

Sister!!! We found out this afternoon that we have a little girl on the way! She's healthy (according to the technician), 15 oz and measuring 21 weeks along. I'm two days away from 21 weeks, so that's perfect. We saw all four valves of the heart, both sides of the brain, ALL the vertebrae, and the blood flow through the placentae. Unfortunately we couldn't tell if she will look anything like me. That would only be fair, right? Well, a baby that looks like Milo with curly hair would do, too!!

I know, I really need to put up new pictures, I've been lazy with it. Maybe I'll find time this weekend.

Have a great weekend!