Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Beautiful weather!

Yesterday we spent a lot of time outside! Lena was sitting up, playing, at one moment, laying down grabbing grass the next. I'm pretty sure she tasted some, since I found a brown piece on her face!!!

Milo made me laugh so much while we were playing! First he was helping me weed the area where the hostas are. They are just starting to come up and he asks if he can touch them (since they're still curled up he thought they were sharp). I tell him yes, just to be gentle. Well, he touches them and then starts wiggling them. He tells me that they're just like a worm and starts singing "You put your head in, you put your head out, you do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself about, that's all we could do!" I died with laughter, it's a line from "Diary of a Worm" which is a FABULOUS book! Smart kid!!

Next, while we were playing in the sandbox we made a big mound that he called a castle. The next thing I know, he's poking holes in it to make windows. He tells me that the windows are so that Princess Charlene can see out! I've never heard him talk about or watch a show with a "Princess Charlene", and he starts telling me that she's very little (she does live in the sand castle, after all!), has green hair, and has lived there for a very long time, three years! It was so hard to keep a straight face while he was describing all of this.

Then, while we're digging in the sandbox, I find a worm. He asks to hold it and while he does, he starts talking to it, very sweetly. He even asked the worm it's name. He never answered so I asked him what the worm said, and he said, "Worm". How creative...Then he puts the worm in the dirt but after about 10 seconds he tells me that the worm doesn't like the dirt, he wants to be back in the sandbox. I won't go into everything he did with the worm, but it'll be lucky if it's still alive! He was very gentle with it, but I'm not sure that worms like baths... :)

I wonder what today will bring, I'm sure a lot more smiles!