Monday, April 30, 2012


Welcome back! We've been moving right along with life. 

Milo is all registered for kindergarten, we go for orientation on May 16th! He's had his physical and blood work done and he was a champ! At the physical he got three shots along with a TB test and he didn't cry at all! Then three days later we went and had blood drawn (per the paperwork) and he didn't cry there, either! Jesse and I are SO proud of him! 

Lena is still slowly saying words. Her favorite is "up" but she also says: bubble, ouch, out, pup, PawPaw, hi-yo (hello), off, and ope (open). I'm sure there are more but I can't think of them right now.

We are now a pacifier-free family! I'd been thinking of "breaking" Lena's for awhile and finally did it Saturday night. She hasn't been as dependent on it as Milo was, and she's 7 months younger than he was when his "broke". She cried for 30 minutes the first night, she sounded so sad, but then she slept until 7:30 the next morning without a peep. 

Milo, being the smart person that he is, in the car yesterday asked me if I'd cut Lena's pacifier to break it. Jesse and I just looked at each other and smiled, that kid is smart. He hadn't seen the pacifier since it broke. I asked him how he knew I'd cut it and he said he heard the scissors! He was in the other room when I did it! 

Milo is also signed up for t-ball!! He starts in early June and he's very excited! Every time we go out back to play he wants us to pitch to him. He hits better when pitched to than off the T. 

Milo's new favorite game is UNO, we taught him to play over the weekend. He and I played 5 games this morning and he won 3 of them!

Onto the pictures!!!

We went to the Cleveland Zoo while we were there for Passover. Milo on the wolf. 

Jesse making his miraculous catch of Lena falling off the wolf.

Me and Milo on the horse-drawn wagon ride during the Easter Egg-stravaganza downtown South Bend.

Lena in her sack for the race!

Milo standing on a ledge at my parent's house, where he's not supposed to stand...

Lena during an Easter egg hunt!

Milo during the egg hunt-giving Jessica some eggs he found.

My mom's parents, GG and Grandad.

We didn't know how much our kids loved hard-boiled eggs until this year. This is both of them cracking and opening their own eggs.

Knight Lena slaying the Daddy Dragon!!

Milo got a new bed!! Our friends told us a few months ago that we could have this lofted bed with a slide on the side. It took us a few hours to make it work, but here's the finished product! I made the curtain to hide things under his bed (his train table is hidden under there!!).

Milo building a jet out of a diaper box. He worked on it for a long time and colored it! 

Lena "driving" on the way to the playground. She loves to ride in this thing!

Milo hanging from the monkey bars-I love his smile!!!

Until the next post, have a great week!