Monday, November 8, 2010


Here are some pictures from the last week:

I took a picture of Lena asleep on the couch and therefore had to take a picture of Milo pretending to sleep...

Lena passed out of the couch, she even put herself to sleep!

You KNOW she's passed out when she spits out her paci! Most of the time she doesn't even fuss to get it back.

Me and Milo walking along Lake Michigan in St. Joseph, MI. We went up there on Saturday and went to the Curious Kids Museum, which we have no pictures from. Milo's favorite part was the apple picking room. They have a fake tree that you can pick "apples" from, put them on a conveyor belt, turn the wheel, and it raises the "apples" to fall back into the tree. They even have a second building and when we were done there, Milo wanted to go back and pick more apples. Jesse and I preferred the second building, there is a big carousel that we all rode, Lena even woke up for it!

We thought we parked in the correct spot to walk out on the pier, but we didn't. Somehow there's another thing to walk out on and as we were going along, Milo found random holes in the cement. He had to stop and look in almost EVERY HOLE and tell us that he couldn't see anything down it...This is him checking one hole out.

On November 2, Jesse had the day off for Election Day (rough job he has...), so we went to the Studebaker Museum. The special exhibit is "Star Cars" and once we saw that the General Lee was there, I knew we'd be going. Jesse will claim that we had to go because they had the Muppet Car, but I think we all know who the fanatics about cars are in our family. This is Jesse, Lena, and Milo with General Lee #72 (they used 300 cars in the making of the show).

This is me with the Muppet Car. It ends up that they used poster paint on the car because it was cheap and that's why most of the color is gone. They have a donation box where they are trying to raise money to get the car repainted.

Jesse has Thursday off for Veteran's Day and we're going to start the day with Lena's first doctor's appointment. What excitement!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Quick Update

Just thought I'd give a quick update on how things are going-GREAT in my opinion! Milo still LOVES Lena, and when his 3 year-old attitude isn't shining through, he's a great child.

Lena is still a very easy baby, for being 4 weeks old today! Where has the time gone??? She's awake more during the day and gets fussy when she is ready to go back to sleep. Usually as soon as you pick her up and put her on her side, she's out! At night she sleeps anywhere from 3-6 hours straight and randomly will be up for about an hour once through the night. When that happens, Jesse takes her downstairs and they watch ESPN. She's much better about sleeping in the pack-n-play, which puts me more at ease, I don't like when she's in bed with us.

That's it for now, I'll update sometime this week and put up some new pictures!