Monday, June 29, 2009

I totally forgot camping!!!

I totally forgot to put a post about how we went camping over Father's Day weekend with our friends, Jeremy, Erin, Keegan, Kennedy, Kassidy, and Kamden! We went to Chain O'Lakes State Park to camp, which is closer to Fort Wayne than Mishawaka. Erin and Jeremy have a 37 foot camper and we stayed in our tent. It was Milo's first time camping and did very well, besides waking up at 6:45 on Saturday and 6:30 on Sunday (this is a kid who doesn't usually wake up until 8:15-9:00!)
Milo wrapped up in his towel, claiming he was cold when it was 90 outside and 77 in the house!
Playing in the lake while camping. Milo and Kassidy are only 6 days apart in age, and they were together all weekend!
Cool dude Milo at the Fort Wayne Zoo that same weekend.
Milo and Kassidy sitting on the camper steps. Erin and I are saving this picture for when they get older and start dating (eventually marrying) and we can say, "See, you two liked each other back then!"
We set up the tent in our back yard to make sure the air mattress and pack and play would fit. Jesse and Milo laid down so Milo could somehow comprehend that he would be sleeping in it!
Me and Erin. People have asked if we are sisters before!
We don't know where Keegan went. One minute he was there, the next there was this Jiffy Pop guy sitting there!
Keegan and Kennedy swimming.
Jeremy and Kamden. Kamden did play in the lake. He kept eating the sand-yuck!
Milo playing in the fountain at the Fort Wayne Zoo-what great fun! It's a great way to cool down!

Lots of things

Happy Monday! We had a long, fun weekend in Cleveland for my cousin Andrea's bat mitzpha! Jesse, Milo, and I went in on Thursday night so that we had plenty of time at the Cleveland Zoo on Friday. There are a lot of pictures, I feel like I should apologize for them, but be glad that I've only put this many on here! These are not in any order, so it's a combination of the zoo, hanging out at Grandma Bunny's house, and the bat mitzpha reception. You will see his pacifier in most of these pictures.....he has anywhere from 3-5 teeth coming in, and since we weren't home, we lef him have it for comfort. As I write this, he's throwing a fit because I won't let him have it.

I am attempting to potty train Milo. This morning, since it was so beautiful, we went outside and I stripped him down. As we were drawing on the sidewalk with chalk, he peed. I don't think he realized what was going on until he looked down and realized something was coming out! I started laughing but he was done by the time I stood up. Well, he fell down later and this is a picture of his butt with chalk on it! What a cute little butt!
Inside the butterfly house at the zoo. Unfortunately we had to tell Milo that butterflies were yucky so that he wouldn't touch them. He'll learn someday that they're not yucky and why you're not supposed to touch them!
I rode a camel!!!! When I was in first grade we had to write what animal we wanted to ride and I wrote "camel". Well, I had forgotten about this until Brian rode a camel in Israel and I was super jealous. I can now die a happy woman!
Milo's version on cornhole at Andrea's reception!
Eating lunch at the zoo. It must have been a really good chicken nugget!
Riding on the firetruck at Grandma Bunny's. Um, you're supposed to push it, not ride on it!
Milo keeping himself entertained while we were waiting to eat dinner.
Maizie and Grandma Bunny reading a book.
Maizie fell asleep on the way to the reception and she is asleep next to the batting cages.
Milo and Emily playing. They are 4 months apart in age. Emily has the basketball and wouldn't let Milo have it back.
Milo and Maizie playing on the steps at Grandma's. There are more cute pictures but this one they're on the same step.
Daddy and Milo playing badmitton (?). Milo had a good time playing with the racket.
We could feed the sea lions at the zoo! For $1 you got 3 fish to throw over the side, so we did it! Milo actually threw 2 of the 3 fish, which shocked me!
Sleeping snow leopard.
Going up to see the gorilla and fish you had to go up this LONG ramp. You end up 80 feet above where you started. On the way back down, Jesse would let go of the stroller and Milo would throw up his arms and say, "whee".
This is the brass wolf just outside the wolf exhibit. Milo loved inside the exhibit because they had plexiglass walls with a pond, so you could see the fish and turtles, etc.

I have a wedding cake due the 4th! Everyone have a great week and weekend!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Pirate Milo and our downed tree

Happy Friday! We had some "fun" this morning. But first, here's a picture of Pirate Milo, ARG!
We had some big storms move through overnight and Jesse and I were woken up at 4:42 this morning with a loud sound. I got up and looked out the window, but couldn't see anything. I still had trouble going back to sleep, feeling like something wasn't right. Well, Jesse woke me up at 7:40 saying that the sound we heard was that half of our tree out front was down in the alley!

This is what the tree looks like now.
A look down the alley. No damage was done to either house, no power was knocked out or anything! No one lives in the yellow house.
Jesse's stance here shows how we both felt like looking at the downed branch. We were both so freaked out that it didn't hit/hurt anything! Then we were wondering what we were going to do, if it was our responsibility to remove it. Luckily it wasn't and the Mishawaka Street Dept came within 2 hours and had the whole thing gone! Thank you MSD!!!
This is the big diggie that the street department used to clean up. Milo was entranced with it. The 4 guys that were working to clean it up kept saying hi to Milo, but he ignored them and kept saying hi to the diggie!
Have a great weekend!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Strawberry picking and Hunter's birthday cake

What a fun weekend we had! We went and picked strawberries this morning, and have I mentioned that they are Milo's favorite fruit!?!? He ate as many strawberries as he picked! This is where he is DEFINITELY my child! Jesse took some cute pictures. The funniest thing is that Milo would pick them off the plant and eat them, stem and all! In the beginning he would hand them to me or Jesse and say, "more" and we would remove the stem. After a while, he didn't care!

Actually handing me one to put in the basket....
Saturday Jesse worked on the boat, so Milo and I went to Hunter's 5th birthday party. As you know, I make cakes for fun and Milo certainly knows a cake and frosting when he sees one. Once Hunter's cake (a pirate ship, which looked great!) was out for cutting, Milo sat down right in front of it, showed me one finger, and started shaking his head "yes" and saying, "mmhh uhh" (for uh huh), which means he wanted to run a finger through the icing to eat it. I told him no and we ate our own piece of cake and ice cream. Well, once the cake was cut, it was moved to a different little table. Milo walked over to it and did the same thing. I told him no. So he went and got a little chair and sat down in front of the cake, saying the same thing! I told him no, once more, and Megan told me that she didn't care, he could have some. So here's the progression....

Grinning because I can have some of the blue icing.....
Running my finger through the icing......
I just licked the icing off my finger....mmmmm......
Milo cracked me and Megan up doing this! He didn't even pay attention to Hunter opening his presents!

Have a great week!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Scratched nose and other fun

What a beautiful Friday we have here in Mishawaka! We've played outside, repotted a plant, and Milo helped me make sun tea (which he loves to drink-unsweetened-not my child!).

Jesse and Milo went for a walk a few nights ago and Milo fell down in the middle of running on the sidewalk. The result is a nicely scabbed nose! Jesse called me to come pick them up because Milo wouldn't stop crying, and as soon as Milo saw my car he stopped crying! Luckily the scratch looks worse than it is!

Milo loves to play on his strollers-collapsed or not!
Cute Maizie playing in the sandbox.
Milo took this picture himself. Of course it's of his favorite show-Handy Manny!
Milo and Aunt Justin on the bouncy slide at Cei's party.
Milo playing on the bouncy slide at Cei's party. "I will eat my way out of here!"
I LOVE this-one morning he actually wanted to go around in just a diaper and sandals. I think he's also scratching his butt....typical man, right?
Milo's new slide! He loves it and when we're playing outside he'll get to playing with something else, but as soon as it's time to go in, he says, "One more" and goes down the slide 2 or 3 more times!
Cleaning the floor with his new vacuum cleaner. He's loved "sweep sweep-ing" for a long time! When he was first starting to say words, anytime we were at a store and he saw them, he would say "sweep-sweep".