Sunday, November 8, 2009

Beautiful November Weather!

Happy November! We are having such beautiful weather here in Mishawaka! Sunny and in the 70s!

The only thing health-wise that's going on here is that Milo has his 2 year molars that are attempting to come to the surface. They're not quite there yet, but we can feel them. He continually chews on his hands and randomly drools. Quite interesting, since he was never a chewer and only gets drooly at teething times. I thought it was supposed to get easier on the kids as they got older!

My friend, Bethel, has a pair of these fingerless gloves and it inspired me to learn how to make them. This is the pair I made for myself, then I learned how to use double-pointed needles (which makes it so you can knit in a circle) and made my neighbor a pair. I'm currently working on ANOTHER pair for my sister-in-law!

Since it's been so beautiful outside, we took the advantage and I cut Milo's hair. This is the first time he wore the cape!

Milo on his Harley. He can reach the pedals but prefers to push it with his feet. He decided to tip it and then make it fall over. I took this picture right before it tipped.

Jesse drew Milo a hopscotch board on the ground and Milo looks like he's doing it correctly, but he just runs through it!

Drawing with Daddy.

Raking the leaves with Mommy. He loves when you rake into the pile and make them fly in the air and land on him! We didn't get any good pictures of it. Right after this, Jesse turned on the leaf blower and moved them all in about 15 seconds. So much for my hard work!

I came out of the kitchen the other morning to find Milo "hiding" in the coffee table. He thinks this is hilarious and backs his way into it! I think it's a good way for him to dust the shelf for me!

I worked a fundraiser at Chick-fil-a on Tuesday night and this is Jesse, Milo, and Princess Milkshake. I also got to do the "hokey-pokey" with the cow and the kids.

Jesse has Wednesday off for Veterans Day (Thank you, Veterans!), and it's also our 10 year anniversary of being together! 10 years! Dang!

Have a great week!

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