Friday, July 31, 2009

Fair Oaks Dairy Farm

Hello again! On Wednesday Milo and I went with some girls from Mother's & More to Fair Oaks Dairy Farm about 2 hours away. We had a very good time! One thing that we had not anticipated was that we wouldn't be able to pet the cows. Luckily on our tour (on a bus) they explained that they don't want humans bringing diseases to the cows, which makes perfect sense! They do have 80,000 heads of cattle!

Milo had some milk at lunch, from the local cows! Right before we left to come home we had some ice cream, and it was possibly the BEST ice cream I've ever had! It was so smooth and creamy! Delicious!!!!

They also have a birthing barn where you can see calves being born! They have 80 born every day! Milo wasn't too interested in this, but it was neat to watch.

One of the nicest smiles I've ever gotten from him in a picture! He was sitting like a big boy on the bus tour.
Me and Milo on the bus tour.
They have this big kid area and one of the things that they can do is drive the electric tractors! Milo knew he needed to push the pedal down but didn't do it consistently. He enjoyed it for the 2 minutes I let him play on it, there was a LONG line of bigger kids waiting to ride!!!
Hayden (in the stroller), Milo, and Hunter on the fiberglass cow outside the birthing barn.
This is a familiar face around the house now. He makes this face when he throws a fit because he doesn't get what he wants! Ah, the terrible twos are upon us!
A cute picture of me and Milo outside the birthing barn!

Have a great weekend!!!!


For those of you that haven't heard yet, Milo's going to be a big brother!!!! We're due some time in March!!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

It's been awhile

Hello! It's been awhile since my last post and I know a lot has happened, but I don't have many pictures. We went blueberry picking for the first time ever and Milo ate all that he picked off of the bush. He hasn't gotten sick of them yet, he eats the ones that we brought home almost every day!

Weather permitting we are going to go to a cattle ranch on Wednesday! Hopefully I'll get some good pictures while we're there.

Jesse raced the boat for the first time this season 2 weekends ago, he said the boat ran really well, so that's good to hear! He also went to the Brickyard race this last weekend. Milo and I are very happy that he will be home this coming weekend so we can spend time together!

The first few pictures are from when we went to Fun-n-Fitness on Friday with Mothers & More. Milo loves it there and I actually remembered the camera this time!

This is the trampoline that ALL of the other kids hop down, but Milo doesn't even want to try hopping, he just puts his arms up and runs down it! The other moms laugh, they think it's cute. What is amazing to me is that he has learned that he needs to wait in line for the trampoline! Once he's "on deck", he's standing on a star on the ground. He knows to wait until Miss Barb or I tell him that it's okay to go, then he climbs up! Good things to learn early!

Milo discovered the drinking fountain! He's never drank out of one before, but he did it himself! His friend, Noah, also discovered it for the first time, too!

This is a set of parallel bars! He remembered from last time to pick his feet up and swing! He also attempts to do it on the rings, but I don't have a picture from that.

Our neighbor's daughter, Izzy, brought home a bluegill from the lake, and while I was standing there talking to Colleen (the mom), Milo reached down and tries to grab the fish! He succeeded 3 times! He'd pull it out, show it to us, and then put it back! Awesome! Daddy arrived home for lunch just in time to see Milo do this, and couldn't wait to wash Milo's hands!

About 2 weeks ago we went up to Silver Beach in Michigan for a few hours. The water was too cold for Milo to play in, but he loved the sand! He'd get sand all over this hands and arms and then go running into the water to clean himself off, then go and play again!

Have a great week!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Cherry Picking!

Milo and I had a very fun day today, we went up to Jollay Orchard in Coloma, Michigan. Jessica and Evan (4 days older than Milo) met us up there. At this orchard you can pick cherries (3 different kinds), apricots, and raspberries. They also have pears and apples, when in season! Later today or tomorrow I will make my first cherry pie. They have a nice section for kids to play. We also got to ride a hay ride around the orchard!! Milo and Evan had a great time! Milo didn't even fall asleep on the way home, and it was an hour drive!

We were up there for 3 hours and wore ourselves out!
Milo and Evan on the tractor before you even went into the orchard! This might have been their favorite part!
Milo picking the "tart" cherries for the pie! He and Evan were cracking us up when we were picking the sweet cherries. Evan would take them off the ground and eat them (unless we caught him and they were gross) or throw them in the bucket. Milo would pick them off the tree and just eat them! Luckily I think we removed all the pits while they were eating them. They were so cute with their buckets!
They even had a petting farm....Milo ran down the fence saying, "baa baa" to the sheep!
Only my child....he didn't want to watch the machine remove the pits, he watched the wind spin the fan.
This is only part of the dirt that he had on him. He and Evan were playing in the dirt, then Milo got upset and the tears made the dirt into mud. Lovely!
I started making a wedding cake on Thursday and this is Milo tasting the batter. Also, this is the last day he had "long" hair. Daddy gave him a buzz cut on Friday and he doesn't look like himself anymore. :( I know, it's hair, it will grow back!

Have a great week!