Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Welcome to August! Luckily the temperatures are "dropping" and are very pleasant, so I'm happy. We played in our little pool today and it was just beautiful out! I can't wait until tomorrow when the high is 75, a perfect summer day for me!!

Over the weekend we went to the Hesston Train Museum in LaPorte, they had a special Family Day where the whole family got to ride three trains for $25. We went almost two years ago and spent $17 for Jesse, Milo, and me to ride one train! We had a great time and when we got off the first train Milo said, "That was awesome!" Definitely worth it!

This was the tiny train that we got to ride! It was Jesse and my favorite, we dream of owning one some day, Jesse said we'll own a bunch of land and this is how we'll go get the mail. We also rode a "medium" and "large" train. The medium was just tall enough for Jesse to sit up straight, his head hit the top. The large train was a regular sized train.

I took the kids to our zoo on Friday and this was the first time Lena really saw the animals. She LOVED it and Milo lectured me when the white tiger was walking around and I asked Lena if she saw "the big kitty". Milo told me that it's not a "kitty" it's a tiger. :) This picture is actually of Lena enjoying Milo roaring like a lion.

"Mmmmm, cows, get on the ship!" That's what Milo's saying. It's from Phineas and Ferb.

Milo roaring like a lion. I love that I caught the expression! For once when we walked by the lions they weren't chuffing.

I love how Lena carries things around! She was furniture walking the other day with this in her mouth. She does it with random things! I can also get her distracted for a few seconds and she'll stand, but then she grabs for something and sits down.

This is how Lena was when I went in to check on her the other night before going to sleep. It looks so uncomfortable, but it's also the first time she was hugging Snoppy while she slept. He's been in her crib for about two months.

A few weeks ago we went up to a lake where some friends had rented a cabin and this is the second fish that Milo caught! He was so proud of himself!

Milo's 4th birthday is on the 21st so we're starting to get prepared for his party, which is Race Car themed. I'm even attempting to make a tire piƱata!!

Milo's also getting his first dental cleaning on Thursday, he seems prepared, but we'll see! I love the woman that cleans my teeth, hopefully Milo will like her, too!

Have a great week!