Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Happy May to everyone! This month is off to a great start for us, we've added a new vehicle to the family and Lena is extremely close to crawling.

With all of the rain we've had the last few weeks, once there's a nice day, Milo is asking to go outside, and I'm happy to oblige (most of the time). Lena loves to be outside, too, she sits on a blanket, pulls it up onto her lap, and rips grass out of the yard! She makes this little pile and only randomly decides to put some in her mouth.

Here are some new pictures:

A close up from her 6 month pictures. :)

We went to a new festival, Kite Komotion, in Shipshewana this last weekend. Milo LOVED it, he got to make his own kite and fly it while we were there. They had the biggest kites we've ever seen and there was even a group there that choreographed kites to music, it was amazing! They even did a candy drop where they flew up a big bag of candy on a kite line and then they dropped it. The kids loved running out to get it and luckily they broke up them up into age groups.

Milo helping to make his kite.

Lena in the IU onesie with her first pigtail! Milo doesn't like it and keeps telling me to take it out, but she didn't even care when I put it in and played while it was in. I did take it out for her nap, I'm not quite ready for her sleep with it in her hair...

Lena is SSSOOOO close to crawling! She's been up on her hands and knees for over 2 weeks now and last night she went from laying down, to being on her hands and knees, to sitting all in about 10 seconds. She also shuffles her knees and can swing her right arm forward, but not crawling yet. There was only a week between Milo getting himself into sitting and starting to crawl, so we'll see if this moves it along for Lena.

Milo makes me smile! We went to the zoo last week and that afternoon he told me he was going to lay down. This is between the couch and ottoman. I told him to go to his room to take a nap and he told me that his room was having "alone time" and that he needed to lay down here. We did not expect him to fall asleep!! So peaceful.

Hanging out at the park!

Our new ride!!! An 06 Toyota Sienna. We traded in Jesse's Intrepid.

While we were on a walk Milo climbed up on this rock and told me he needed his "airplane wings" for balance. His new thing when he jumps off something (especially at swimming and Fun-n-Fitness) is to say he's opening his parachute and then to jump. At swimming he pulls the belt on his bubble, his teacher loves it!