Monday, April 22, 2013

The long of the short of it

Since it's been so long since my last update, I'll try to keep this short and sweet (yeah right, if you've met me!).

The holidays were great, the kids got a ton of toys that they are still playing with and we are still running out of room in our house. One of these days we will get the house in a state where we think we can get it on the market. We just want to move into the next school district to the east and have a house with a full basement and an attached garage.

Lena pretty much potty trained herself the first week of February! It's awesome! She still wears a diaper at night but only wakes up wet 1-2 nights a week. No complaining here! She had a bladder of steel and we're pretty sure her bladder is bigger than mine. Once again, if you've met me, that's not saying much.

Milo's doing awesome at school! He picks out words everywhere we go, sounds out words he doesn't know, and amazes us with what he can do. For instance, we were at the park and there was a sign that said, "Dead End". He asked me what it said and we started sounding it out together. I was still explaining how the "ea" made the "eh" sound and he says, "dead end" and walked away.

Milo's report cards are awesome, his behavior charts are awesome, and we even had a little play date with a girl from his class over spring break.

Milo has started t-ball and he LOVES it! Their first game is this Saturday and they've tried to have practices twice a week but the weather has not cooperated. Practice was canceled last Thursday and he was devastated, even though I had been telling him for days that a storm was coming and that he probably wasn't going to have practice. Ah, to be five again. I'm looking forward to practice tonight because of the beautiful weather we're having today (of course it's supposed to be 48 and rain tomorrow, so I'll enjoy it today).

Lena is still doing gymnastics at Fun-n-Fitness and has really improved! With the exception of today, she participates 99% of the time. She will act like she doesn't know what to do, but when no one is looking, she'll do it. Miss Barb, the owner/instructor, just laughs at her and tells me how smart she is, which we already know. :)

Jesse's super busy with work and some weeks it feels like we don't see each other until the kids are in bed, and by then I'm ready for bed. I know, it's only going to get worse as the kids get older and have more activities that they get into.

See, this is short and sweet for me! Have a great week!