Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I know we're excited about all the food tomorrow! I taught my neighbor's daughter (13) how to make French Silk Chocolate Pie today, she was very excited to be able to take it to their Thanksgiving tomorrow!

I've started knitting again and have been on a roll for the last month, making four sets of fingerless gloves and this adorable hat for Milo! He wears it for a few minutes then takes it off.

This was taken the first morning he got the hat.

One of the girls (ladies) I know was selling some things and so we bought this picnic table from her. Milo loves it (he wanted to play cars on it as soon as it was set up.). This is the day we bought it, November 22, and he ate lunch at it! What crazy weather!

This is the same day, and he and Jesse did some more yard work. I'm not sure how much Milo helped, but at least he's using his wheelbarrow.

We hope everyone has a happy and healthy Thanksgiving! Christmas decorations are going up all over the place, but with this weather it doesn't feel right!

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