Saturday, November 28, 2009

We got a Christmas tree today!

We went and got our Christmas tree today from Hensler's Tree Farm. I, of course, would like to have colder weather for this excursion, but I don't think we'll ever have a 50 degree day to go get a tree again!

Milo putting the topper on our tree. You should see the ornaments at his level, they are grouped together. At least he had fun!
Jesse carrying Milo in his usual fashion.
At Hensler's they have a big wooden train for the kids to climb on, and once Milo saw the sign, he pointed to it and told us that it meant "track". That kid amazes me sometimes!
Milo, Kalei, and Cei in the tree, all being ornaments.
This is the new cut-out at Hensler's. Since it's a train Milo loved showing me all the parts of it.

Jesse is behind the upside down tree. What a strong man! Cei did help him carry it randomly and Kalei kept telling me that it's a good thing we're girls so we don't have to carry things.
Kalei, Cei, Milo, and Jesse on the tractor ride to the back field so we could find out tree. And what a beautiful tree we found! I think it may be the best one we've ever had! It's a Fraiser Fir, which we've never had before.
This makes me smile! Milo watched people put their trees on the carts, so he picked up a trimmed off branch, put it on the cart, and wanted to help me push/pull it around! You have to look closely to see the branch.
John is so funny! He wanted to get Milo's attention, so he put these branches on his head and started calling for Milo. I think everyone besides Milo loved this, Milo just smiled! We were all laughing!

Have a great week!

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