Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Crazy March Weather

Happy Spring! Wow, was our winter the mildest I can remember. We would get a lot of snow and then it would be gone quickly with decent temperatures. We've had fun playing outside in sweatshirts or even shorts, depending on the day! This last week we've had 7 days of record-breaking highs and I love having the house open!

Milo started playing basketball at the Y. It's learning skills rather than playing the game, but he has fun.

Lena has finally mastered running and then figured out running on her toes, which is very cute! Her hair is also long enough to put in a ponytail! Cutest.thing.ever!!!

Lena's vocabulary is s.l.o.w.l.y coming along. She'll say a word one day and then not say it again for a few days. Oh well, soon enough she'll start speaking and not stop (much like her brother).

Onto the pictures!

Lena on the bounce house slide at Maizie and Joey's birthday party. She loved it!

Milo climbing at the bounce house!

While I was working on cakes for the party Lena grabbed an apple and went to town! She ate the WHOLE thing, even the seeds! She makes it look so good...

We've had a virus running through the house and on this day Milo was extremely run down and not happy. I finally gave him some medicine and after half an hour he jumped up, grabbed his cape, and became a super hero!

Guess who's going to kindergarten next year!?!?!

For some bizarre reason both kids woke up at 6:00 one morning. Lena fell asleep in her high chair at 9:00 that morning in the middle of eating a waffle and even Milo took a nap that afternoon!

Playing outside in early March in shorts. :)

Goof ball playing with her shirt at dinner one night.

Someone figured out how to get on the back of the couch...

Milo's first basketball practice, doing the warm-up!

Milo at swimming lessons. This was at the beginning of class and they were in the deep end, without any floaties!

Lena climbing onto the table at my parent's house.

Lena's first time having cereal with milk, all by herself.

Have a great week!