Sunday, May 31, 2009


Wow, we had a fun day today!  We went to Lexi's 4th birthday party and the weather was perfect!  Milo played very well with everyone and was very ready to head home when the time came, we barely kept him awake on the ride home!  

Milo's new thing to do is help Daddy mow the yard.  He is so cute while he follows him around.  Here are a few pictures of them doing the yard....

Mowing in opposite directions as to get all of the pieces of grass.
Milo stopped mowing so he could check on the Dish box.  He made sure everything was working properly.
Mowing the alley.....yes, rocks need to be cut, too.  Watch out for the garbage can!  
Daddy taught him to clean his mower when he's done, that's a brush he has in his hand.  Also, when we are done playing outside, he pushes his mower in the garage and fiddles with the knobs until it stops making noise.  He then tells me that it's off and we can go in the house.  
Finally, a picture of my new coffee table!  I wanted Milo to sit nicely on it, but instead he made a funny face.  
Milo's new silly smile!  We love it!  

Lexi's birthday cake that I helped Michelle decorate.  It was delicious!  
On another note, Milo had his first "psychic" moment Saturday morning (for those of you that don't know, I sometimes have dreams that come true or just know what's going to happen).  Jesse had just gotten Milo out of bed and was changing his diaper.  Jesse was thinking to himself that if the weather stayed nice, he'd go out and wash my car that afternoon.  Milo looked up at Jesse and said, "car car" and Jesse said, "what about the car?" and Milo made the sign and said, "keen" (which means clean).  I think Jesse about fell over right then!  

Have a great week!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fun stuff!

Okay, here we go again with an underlined beginning!  Oh well....Last Friday we went to the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo with my mom, sister, brother, Maizie, Megan, Hunter, and Hayden.  We had a very good time, the weather was beautiful and the zoo was busy!  I think that Milo liked the sea lions best of all, he probably would've watched them all day.
Milo wearing his "cool dude shades" while sitting on the brass orangutan.  
and sitting on the brass tortoise......
On Memorial Day we went to the Mishawaka Parade with the Striegel family.  Milo got a balloon at the parade and loved playing with it once we got home.  He would throw it up in the air, and since it still had some helium, it would hang in the air where Milo couldn't see it.  He was cracking us up while he was trying to find it.  I have a video of him playing with it and he threw it up one time and it stuck to the front door, out of his reach!  Of course, a few minutes after that the balloon popped and he still "talks" about it!  He tries to say "balloon" but usually just says, "pop" and then says "all gone" and "nap" (I then tell him that the balloon is taking an eternal nap, hee hee hee).  

This is Milo waving at a vehicle while sitting with Megan at the parade.  I hope he remains this interested in the parade for years to come!
We had our friends over on Saturday for a cook out and Milo was helping Daddy sweep the house.  He doesn't realize that you don't need to sweep carpet!  He left bristles all over the floor, so I had to go around after him and pick the up!  
I finally joined a group called "Mothers & More" and today was Milo and my first outing with them!  We went to a little kids gym called "Fun-n-Fitness" and of course I forgot my camera....Milo ran non-stop for the whole hour, playing on everything!  He went on the trampoline, balance beam, slides, and much more!  At the end of the session, Miss Barb rounds the kids up and puts stamps on their arms, Mickey Mouse on one arm, Minnie on the other!  He cracked me up because when he got up to walk towards me, he held his arms straight out in front of him, looking at the stamps.  

This is Milo showing me his Minnie stamp.  
A cute face while eating Pringles.  
Jesse went down to Carb Day in Indianapolis before the Indy 500.  He had a good time with his  dad, brother, Brooke (our sister-in-law), and our friend, Jeremy.  Jesse and Jeremy have a tendency to take hilarious, bizarre pictures, and this one is one of them!  I think that only Jesse, Jeremy, Erin, and I see the hilarity, but it's there!
Daddy pointing out vehicles to Milo during the parade.  

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

New Addition to the Backyard

Happy Sunday to you!  We had a fun weekend, we went and visited our friends over near Chicago on Saturday to see their new house (very nice, by the way!), went to the zoo this morning, and then worked in our (small) backyard and finally did a bit of landscaping!  

The funniest thing happened while we were at dinner on Saturday with Andrew and Brittiney, Milo wanted the lemon out of my tea and he ate the WHOLE THING, PEEL AND ALL!!!  None of us could believe it, but Milo didn't bat an eye, he loved it, and proceeded to eat Jesse's lemon, too!  

Here is the before picture of the big tree in our backyard:
And here is the after picture...Thanks to my mom for sharing her hostas with me!  We couldn't get grass to grow in this spot for the last three years, so it was time to do something with the area.  Just image the area right in front of the blocks with grass growing flush to them!!!
After Milo's hard work helping us plant the hostas, he had to mow the yard.  
Don't you love how dirty his face got?  Like I always say, the dirtier you are, the more fun you had!
On to other official brownie batter taster.  I think he liked it!
Milo loves his new sandals so much that he woke up one morning and wanted them on OVER his sleeper!  When I grabbed the camera, he didn't want his picture taken, so that's why it's from his neck-down!  
The ONLY reason I took this picture is because as he was eating his waffle he told me wanted a glass of milk.  I poured the milk for him and he took the cup and dumped it onto his plate!  I just stood there with my mouth hanging open and watched him eat all of the waffle.  Disgusting, but he liked it.  Maybe next time he would like a side of lemon with it.  ;)
These are the chairs that I bought for Milo at Ikea.  They were stacked and he put them next to his table and was just chillin'. 
I also found us a new coffee table while we were at Ikea!  It was about time, our old one I'd bought 10 years ago and it had a mirrored top.  Over the years it developed a crack through it and had been covered with a cut-up sarong that was glued on the top.  Oh yeah, and the bottom was an awesome black paint with gold trim.  Think it was time for a new one?  Buttercup loves the new table, it has a shelf underneath and she sleeps under the shelf.  

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Jesse's New Job and More

Well, things are going very well around here!  We're all happy and healthy, and the weather has been beautiful!  This is Milo enjoying a chocolate chip pancake that Grandpa Joe made him.  Nothing like chocolate ALL over the place....
A nice smile from Milo while we were playing outside this morning.
Such a big boy now, he drinks the milk when he's done with his cereal!  He actually does a very good job of rarely spilling.
Um, time for us to figure out a new way to "lock" our gates.  If you look closely you can see the hook is up in the air.  This one has already figured out how to open them.  We honestly thought the eye-hook latch would hold kids in for a few years....Not 20 months.... 
This is one of the first times Milo had cereal with milk and he's doing his "just one more" saying.  Obviously his mouth is full of cereal! 

We have other good news, Jesse has started a new job!  He's still with the probation department, but he is now a Supervising Probation Officer!  He started this on Monday and is very excited about the opportunity!  He's an executive now!  

Happy Mother's Day to everyone!