Friday, November 16, 2012

Milo's School Picture

I just wanted to show Milo's K picture! This isn't his usual smile, but at least he didn't make a funny face!

He continues to surprise us with words he can recognize, last night he looked up at a doorway and said, "That says 'EXIT', e-x-l-t", which to him, the I looked like a lowercase L, so he was kind-of correct!  We did tell him that it was an I and not an L. This is not one of his sight words! :)

Have a great weekend and a Happy Thanksgiving!!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Big Update

Welcome back! There's so much I could talk about, but I'll try and keep it short and sweet. Milo is LOVING school! He comes home and amazes us with what he can do, he can recognize at least 20 words and his teacher says he should only know 7-8. 

Lena's vocabulary is exploding, I feel like I say that all the time, but this last weekend she was being a parrot! She's a smart little one, she definitely knows what's going on and what she wants.

Onto the pictures!

Back in September we went to the Trail of Courage and the kids got to make candles. Milo really enjoyed it and now he thinks every festival has this craft. :)  I also had my first turkey leg and it was delicious!! 

Lena making her candle. 

We also went apple picking in September. Because of the *fabulous* weather we had there wasn't a huge selection and the price was fairly expensive. However, we got a LOT of apples, so I made apple butter and a few batches of applesauce, which the kids devoured! 

Lena enjoying an apple that she picked. 

Milo showing me an apple that he picked. :) 

Lena at her 2nd birthday party, which was a Farm theme and we even had a LIVE pot-bellied pig!! 

Milo and Lena where we got our pumpkins, 3 of the 4 were rotten....gggrrrr 

We went to a children's museum called BellaBoo's, over in Lake Station. Needless to say, Lena loved the water table! 

Construction worker Milo at BellaBoo's! 

Artist Milo at BellaBoo's! Ever since he started school he's been into drawing and music!  

We went back to Hesston Steam Train Museum a few weeks ago to ride the Ghost Train. This was before the train ride, just walking around. 

Kids playing 

Lena on the Ghost Train, we all loved it! 

Milo with his sketch of his jack-o-lantern! 

Lena drawing on her pumpkin 

Milo scooping out her pumpkin. Nice face...

Have a great weekend!