Sunday, November 20, 2011

We have a walker!!!

Yes, we FINALLY have a walker!!! Two weeks ago Lena decided to just take off and walk across her bedroom! We were very excited and later that morning I was doing a "tooth check" and discovered 2 molars! Holy cow! We realized there had been one night earlier that week where she didn't sleep well, and that might've been the cause. Then earlier this week I stuck my finger in her mouth again, and found ANOTHER molar! That might explain her poor sleeping habits while we were in Cleveland last weekend, we had just thought it was because we were in a different environment and in the room with her. Oh well, I'm not complaining if that's how she teethes!

I have a lot of pictures, so I'll just get right to it!

Lena LOVES her baths! This is at my cousin's baby shower, Lena walked right over to it, climbed in, and played. She's actually doing the sign for "bath" in this picture.

Our little scientist! While we were in Cleveland we went to Lake Farmpark. It was really neat, they had over 50 animals and this was an exhibit on growing tomatoes hydroponically.

Lena trying to fit through the hole in the fence to get to Jesse.

This scene is common in our house, Jesse "craning" Milo around!

Playing in the leaves!

Our little firefighter! It looks like Jesse has a feed bag.

Lena sitting in the same high chair using the same sippy cup that I used as a child at my grandma's house!

Milo having a campout in his room! He slept in there for two nights and would probably still be sleeping in there if we'd let him!

Beware the dresser monster!! If you leave Lena's bottom drawer open for too long, this is what you'll discover!

Halloween! A fireman and his dalmatian!

Playing in Milo's tent.

Lena coloring. I keep all crayons out of her reach, otherwise I'd have colorful walls!

Lena in the race outfit!

Milo WANTING to paint! This rarely happens! And it hasn't happened since...

Silly Lena! When she took down the strainer there was a noodle on her forehead!

Milo and Lena playing play-doh together outside on a nice day.

I have no idea how the quality of this will be, but it makes me laugh every time I watch it!

Milo is taking seven weeks of soccer lessons (Thanks, Groupon!) that start this week! Every day he tells me that he has soccer tomorrow. We even have a countdown on the calendar. Wednesday will be a very busy day for us, he has soccer at 11:00 and swimming at 4:45. He will definitely sleep well that night! Oh, and I'm going to see the new Muppet move while he's at swimming on Wednesday!

Have a great Thanksgiving!