Monday, April 5, 2010

Mostly Easter

We hope everyone had a great Easter, we did! The weather was beautiful and that made for two fun egg hunts!

Milo finding an egg in the strawberry plants at Grandma Jeannie and PawPaw's house. Milo amazed us later in the day when we kept re-hiding the eggs for Kalei and Cei in harder and harder spots. Milo saw Jesse put one up in a tree and kept saying, "Daddy, another one up there!" As Kalei and Cei came running to find some, Milo stood under the tree, tried to reach it, then started shaking the tree to get it to come down! He couldn't shake it hard enough, but we couldn't believe that he figured it out so quickly!

Finding an egg at Grandma Elaine and Grandpa Joe's. At first he didn't want to find the eggs, but he got into it.

Once Milo found his basket (hiding in the ball pit), he decided to use the bowling pin to his the ball...He hasn't done it since, he LOVES to bowl in the house! He even got a strike yesterday!

Searching for his basket under the crib. He also stood in my parent's shower looking for his basket. Wouldn't it have been obvious when he opened the door that it wasn't in there???

Maizie gave up on using the "wand" to get the eggs out of the dye and started using her hand. Awesome! Nice purple hand, Maizie!

Daddy and Milo dying eggs. This was the first one they did and yes, it's orange!

Grandpa Joe and Milo having fun! Today is Grandpa's birthday, Happy Birthday, Grandpa!

We went to opening day to the zoo on Friday and we let Milo feed the carp. He didn't like the lion roaring, but when we got near them one was pacing, which he liked and kept saying that the lion was walking towards him.

Have a great week and enjoy the weather!

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