Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Diggies, Diggies, and More Diggies!

Happy Wednesday to you! We have an absolutely beautiful morning going on here in Mishawaka! I can't wait for it to warm up a little so we can go outside and play.

They have been doing some massive construction two blocks down from us so we go and look at the "diggies" almost daily. We will just get home from seeing them and Milo will go ask to see them again! Here are some pictures from yesterday's excursion:

Milo crawling through a cement tube, and loving it!

"Driving" a bulldozer. I never should have let him get up on these, he didn't want to get down and once I did get him down, he wanted to get back up and drive them more.

"Driving" the road roller. He's looking over my shoulder right now and saying, "Milo go drive road roller, go look at diggies some more."

Balancing on the forks. He even walked on them like a balance beam! Fun-n-Fitness must be doing some good!!! After I took this picture he went to the other fork and said, "Take picture on this one, too?" and of course I did....

A few weeks ago we were outside during our afternoon snack and I was letting him have mini Nilla Wafers with some frosting on them. I went in the house for something to come back out and see that Milo had helped himself. Of course there was more frosting than cookie, but he was so proud of himself that I let him do two more. He's too cute for his own good!

I am 13.5 weeks along and am ready for the morning sickness and headaches to be gone! I was doing better for about two weeks and then this last week it's escalated. :( With Milo it ended at 14 weeks, so my hopes are high! My next appointment is this coming Monday, so I will try and post something after that.

Have a great rest of the week! We are planning on going to a Maple Syrup Festival this weekend, so hopefully we'll get some good pictures from that.

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