Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spring Party and Milo's New Bed

I really need to learn what order to upload the pictures, they seem to go backwards!! Things are going well here, it's been a rainy two days, so it's a good thing Milo has a TON of toys!

Friday was the Mothers & More Spring Party out at Baugo County Park and Milo had a good time. There was a playground, we had a potluck lunch, and an Easter egg hunt. Since all of the kids there were five and under, they were so excited about the eggs and weren't competitive about who got the most.

This is just one of the many group pictures attempted in about a two minute period. I love it because no one is looking at the camera! Milo is the brunette sitting down, looking down. He was munching on a candy bracelet. Jesse realized that this is the way to keep Milo in a kid-group picture-let him eat!

Milo showing us his loot from the egg hunt. He now looks at his basket (still on the counter) and says he wants "eggs" instead of candy. We didn't keep the eggs, that's what funny!

Finding the eggs. Obviously we needed to hide them well because of the age group! :)

Jesse took a half day and came to the party. He and Milo were stringing foam beads, which Milo only put on about five and then took them off. Oh well....

Milo will randomly bring me a blanket and ask to be wrapped up. This is the blanket that I made for him and it is wrapped around his body at least two times! He thinks it's fun.

Our other big news is that Milo is now in a twin bed! He still calls it a "big boy bed" (which is what he called the toddler bed) but absolutely loves it! We were over at Harley and Michelle's just over a week ago and Bella, who is six months younger than Milo, had just gotten her twin bed. I half jokingly asked Milo if he wanted to sleep in a bigger bed and he said yes! Jesse and I honestly thought he was going to say no.

Two days later we had the twin mattress from my parents that used to be mine, pulled the twin bed out of the garage that we've had since last summer, and put on the Handy Manny sheets that Jesse's mom had bought Milo awhile back, and the bed was ready!

Like I said, these aren't in order, so this is Buttercup LOVING Milo's bed. This picture was taken Monday morning (the bed was put together Sunday night) right after Milo got out of bed. She ran in there and made it her own! She takes one nap a day on there, when she never even TRIED to sleep in his crib or the toddler bed.

This is Milo getting on his bed for the first time. He doesn't look amused, but he was so excited! We opted not to get a blanket or comforter yet, he likes to sleep with 2-3 little blankets on him already, and we weren't going to add onto that with summer coming (and he's a hot-body like Jesse).

I'm *fingers crossed* feeling good for two days in a row-no nausea or headaches, so let's hope it's all gone. Now watch, tomorrow I'll get sick...

However, my belly did "pop" on Thursday! I was totally shocked, I don't remember it happening like this with Milo, and definitely not this early. It's not big, but big enough that even my neighbor giggled and put her hand up to her mouth and said, "You're pregnant!" because I actually look it!

We don't have much going on here this week, just the usual stuff like Fun-n-Fitness on Monday.

Have a great week!

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  1. It's the warm spot - our cat, Quincy, takes over Erik's spot in the AM, then mine until Danielle wakes up, and then Danielle's after she wakes-up :-)

    Yeah Milo!