Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fire Station Visit

This week Milo and I went on a tour of the Clay Fire Station with Mothers & More. Milo was so excited to go, he knew about it five days in advance and would count down the days with me. One funny part was when we were in the kitchen. Captain Jay was telling us about meal time and had one cabinet open. Of course my son goes over and looks in there while the other kids are listening quietly. Milo looks at me and says, "Stuff in there!" I thought it was funny...

Milo helped me sweep the kitchen floor last week. He really made me laugh when I had the video camera on him and he swept under the oven. As I'm typing this he looked at the picture and said, "That's me in the picture!"

One of Jesse's coworkers has been bugging him to come and take this Jeep ever since she found out we were having a boy almost three years ago! He and Milo finally went and got it Monday night and once it was fully charged, Milo isn't too comfortable with how fast it goes. He actually drove it a bit around the yard today, so he'll get used to it.

Here are some of the pictures from the fire station:

The best picture I got of Milo the whole time! He's standing in a fire truck.

Checking out the Command Vehicle, making sure it was in working order.

A little dark but from left to right: Ben, Brady, Lucas, and Milo next to a fire truck.

Milo sitting on the back of a fire truck. Later on I had him stand on the back of it and he turned around, got very excited, pointed and seriously squealed, "Another fire truck!" I think that's what he's looking at in this picture, the big ladder truck in front of him.

Enjoy the rest of the week!

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