Monday, October 5, 2009

Yeah, Fall is Here!

Yeah, it's October and Fall is here! The temperatures have finally cooled down and the leaves are starting to change!

Milo is stringing more and more words together, not necessarily in order, but they're great to hear! He was watching "Handy Manny" on Sunday and looked at me and said, "Fix it right" as they were singing the song. It just amazes me when he says things correctly.

About a month ago we went over to our friend's house to help them put together their remodeled kitchen. While we were doing that, Milo and Kassidy were outside playing in the sandbox. Kassidy decided she didn't want her nightgown on anymore and once she was only in her diaper, Milo had to be that way, too. What's funny about this is that Milo always wants his clothes on! So anyway, Milo wanted his shoes and socks left on and they went and played some more. I finally got them to come over and I took their picture together (which Erin and I try to do often because they're only 6 days apart). It's just crazy their size difference!

Milo and Kassidy in their diapers. We realized that Milo's almost a full head taller than Kassidy!
Milo before I stripped him down. I love all of the sand on his face!

This last weekend we went to Fort Wayne and went to the zoo for St. Francis Day (my sister's college). My dad has more pictures that I don't have yet!

Milo enjoying the tent in the new African area.
Random picture in the middle....One of my friends suggested making pudding the consistency of finger paint for the kids to play in. I tried it one morning and Milo had no interest in playing in it. He knew it was pudding and wanted a spoon and plate. This only lasted about 5 minutes, then he was done.
Back to the zoo....Milo and Maizie sitting on a frog statue. I thought it was a good one of them both looking at the camera!

Milo loved playing the drums in the African area! He cried when we had to leave, actually he threw a fit. Maizie was hilarious because as my mom was playing the drum, she was running around saying she was doing the "run dance" which was just running in circles!

Jesse FINALLY got his office at work! He can't believe how big it is compared to his cube! He's still adjusting but liking it.

Have a great week!

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