Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Apple and Peach Picking!

Happy Wednesday to you! On Saturday we went up to Stover's Farm in Berrien Springs, Michigan, and went apple and peach picking with Harley, Michelle, Lexi, and Bella. The kids did such a good job picking the apples since they were actually on their level.

Once we got home I made a caramel apple pie (delicious!) and two batches of applesauce! Who knows what I will do with the peaches tomorrow, they're extremely ripe and ready to be cooked! I'm thinking peach dumplings.....

When we went over to pick peaches, I missed it, but Jesse and Harley both said that Milo tried three peaches, the first two only getting one bite. On the third, they both saw/heard Milo take a bite and then slurp to try and get all the juice running out! He ate the rest of the peach!

Milo eating the delicious peach.
Milo picking an apple off the tree.

We went to Plymouth on Tuesday night to have dinner with Jesse's Aunt Barb that was visiting from Florida. It was a nice time, good to see her!

Have a great weekend!

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