Wednesday, October 14, 2009

So much to catch up on!

There's so much to talk about! First of all, last night was the first night without his pacifier! I've been telling Milo for a few days that plugs (that's what we call them) break, and last night, what do you know, but his broke! He was fine with it, it was his idea to throw them away! He also fell asleep without a problem. This morning when I went in to get him, he was asking me where they were (he slept with 2) and kept telling me that they were lost. I reminded him that they broke and he ran into the kitchen and looked in the trash can, seeing that they were still in there, broken. He was fine after that. He is currently in his crib to take his nap, and we'll see how it goes, he's talking and singing right now. I'm hoping he falls asleep soon!

The last few days Milo's thrown a royal fit when he doesn't get his way (yeah). He also thinks that saying, "now" is going to get him somewhere! For instance, he was upstairs with Jesse yesterday and wanted the tv on. Jesse told him no, and Milo said, "Manny, on, NOW!". I started laughing when I heard it, but needless to say, he didn't get his way.

We went to Cleveland on Saturday to see family in from Israel and Colorado, and then went to Chicago on Monday to Shedd's Aquarium, since it was a free day. We had a great time in Cleveland and it was great to see everyone! Monday was fun, although Milo's temper kicked in while we were there. Milo loved the beluga whales, and that was what he bought him, he now sleeps with it and shares his snacks with it!

This morning we went to Papa Murphy's for Milo to make his own pizza, and for a 2 year-old, he did a fine job. He just wanted to eat the sausage instead of put it on his pizza, but he managed to leave a few pieces on there!

We took Milo to a Silverhawk's game awhile ago and he really liked it. He now knows that after they play a little bit of music he's to say, "charge!". I think his picture is hilarious because he looks so serious and with the hood on, he looks like Mary J. Blige.

Milo waiting his turn to make his pizza this morning. He loves pumpkins and kept touching this one. We are going this weekend to get him a pumpkin and go through a corn maze!

Milo making his pizza at Papa Murphy's!

Milo testing the cake batter for Grandma Elaine's birthday cake. I think it was good!

Milo wanted his own mug of coffee the other morning. Since he went and got the mug himself, the least I could do was barely turn the milk brown with coffee! Have I mentioned that he drinks EVERYTHING, sweetened or not???? He left like such a big boy while drinking out of his own mug.

A few weeks ago (obviously since we were all in shorts) we went for a walk at The Res, a little park around here. I like this picture because of Milo wearing Jesse's sunglasses.

Milo playing in the creek at The Res. He did step in the water and soak his shoes. These poor shoes have been wet more than they've been dry! They are now the play-outside-to-stay-dirty-shoes.

Jesse and Milo at Soldier Field in Chicago. This picture was taken just for Uncle Josh and Aunt Brooke!

Milo trying to move the big stone at the Field Museum in Chicago. It's so cute to see kids think that they can really move it! Milo even went up to the stone and pushed on it, telling us that it was stuck.

I hope everyone has a great rest of the week and enjoys fall!

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