Monday, June 29, 2009

I totally forgot camping!!!

I totally forgot to put a post about how we went camping over Father's Day weekend with our friends, Jeremy, Erin, Keegan, Kennedy, Kassidy, and Kamden! We went to Chain O'Lakes State Park to camp, which is closer to Fort Wayne than Mishawaka. Erin and Jeremy have a 37 foot camper and we stayed in our tent. It was Milo's first time camping and did very well, besides waking up at 6:45 on Saturday and 6:30 on Sunday (this is a kid who doesn't usually wake up until 8:15-9:00!)
Milo wrapped up in his towel, claiming he was cold when it was 90 outside and 77 in the house!
Playing in the lake while camping. Milo and Kassidy are only 6 days apart in age, and they were together all weekend!
Cool dude Milo at the Fort Wayne Zoo that same weekend.
Milo and Kassidy sitting on the camper steps. Erin and I are saving this picture for when they get older and start dating (eventually marrying) and we can say, "See, you two liked each other back then!"
We set up the tent in our back yard to make sure the air mattress and pack and play would fit. Jesse and Milo laid down so Milo could somehow comprehend that he would be sleeping in it!
Me and Erin. People have asked if we are sisters before!
We don't know where Keegan went. One minute he was there, the next there was this Jiffy Pop guy sitting there!
Keegan and Kennedy swimming.
Jeremy and Kamden. Kamden did play in the lake. He kept eating the sand-yuck!
Milo playing in the fountain at the Fort Wayne Zoo-what great fun! It's a great way to cool down!

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  1. I thought our tent was big - yours looks HUGE!!!
    Cute pics of that little guy Milo!!!!

    If Kassidy isn't interested in dating, he can call Danielle ;-)