Monday, July 6, 2009

Cherry Picking!

Milo and I had a very fun day today, we went up to Jollay Orchard in Coloma, Michigan. Jessica and Evan (4 days older than Milo) met us up there. At this orchard you can pick cherries (3 different kinds), apricots, and raspberries. They also have pears and apples, when in season! Later today or tomorrow I will make my first cherry pie. They have a nice section for kids to play. We also got to ride a hay ride around the orchard!! Milo and Evan had a great time! Milo didn't even fall asleep on the way home, and it was an hour drive!

We were up there for 3 hours and wore ourselves out!
Milo and Evan on the tractor before you even went into the orchard! This might have been their favorite part!
Milo picking the "tart" cherries for the pie! He and Evan were cracking us up when we were picking the sweet cherries. Evan would take them off the ground and eat them (unless we caught him and they were gross) or throw them in the bucket. Milo would pick them off the tree and just eat them! Luckily I think we removed all the pits while they were eating them. They were so cute with their buckets!
They even had a petting farm....Milo ran down the fence saying, "baa baa" to the sheep!
Only my child....he didn't want to watch the machine remove the pits, he watched the wind spin the fan.
This is only part of the dirt that he had on him. He and Evan were playing in the dirt, then Milo got upset and the tears made the dirt into mud. Lovely!
I started making a wedding cake on Thursday and this is Milo tasting the batter. Also, this is the last day he had "long" hair. Daddy gave him a buzz cut on Friday and he doesn't look like himself anymore. :( I know, it's hair, it will grow back!

Have a great week!

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