Friday, June 19, 2009

Pirate Milo and our downed tree

Happy Friday! We had some "fun" this morning. But first, here's a picture of Pirate Milo, ARG!
We had some big storms move through overnight and Jesse and I were woken up at 4:42 this morning with a loud sound. I got up and looked out the window, but couldn't see anything. I still had trouble going back to sleep, feeling like something wasn't right. Well, Jesse woke me up at 7:40 saying that the sound we heard was that half of our tree out front was down in the alley!

This is what the tree looks like now.
A look down the alley. No damage was done to either house, no power was knocked out or anything! No one lives in the yellow house.
Jesse's stance here shows how we both felt like looking at the downed branch. We were both so freaked out that it didn't hit/hurt anything! Then we were wondering what we were going to do, if it was our responsibility to remove it. Luckily it wasn't and the Mishawaka Street Dept came within 2 hours and had the whole thing gone! Thank you MSD!!!
This is the big diggie that the street department used to clean up. Milo was entranced with it. The 4 guys that were working to clean it up kept saying hi to Milo, but he ignored them and kept saying hi to the diggie!
Have a great weekend!

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