Sunday, May 31, 2009


Wow, we had a fun day today!  We went to Lexi's 4th birthday party and the weather was perfect!  Milo played very well with everyone and was very ready to head home when the time came, we barely kept him awake on the ride home!  

Milo's new thing to do is help Daddy mow the yard.  He is so cute while he follows him around.  Here are a few pictures of them doing the yard....

Mowing in opposite directions as to get all of the pieces of grass.
Milo stopped mowing so he could check on the Dish box.  He made sure everything was working properly.
Mowing the alley.....yes, rocks need to be cut, too.  Watch out for the garbage can!  
Daddy taught him to clean his mower when he's done, that's a brush he has in his hand.  Also, when we are done playing outside, he pushes his mower in the garage and fiddles with the knobs until it stops making noise.  He then tells me that it's off and we can go in the house.  
Finally, a picture of my new coffee table!  I wanted Milo to sit nicely on it, but instead he made a funny face.  
Milo's new silly smile!  We love it!  

Lexi's birthday cake that I helped Michelle decorate.  It was delicious!  
On another note, Milo had his first "psychic" moment Saturday morning (for those of you that don't know, I sometimes have dreams that come true or just know what's going to happen).  Jesse had just gotten Milo out of bed and was changing his diaper.  Jesse was thinking to himself that if the weather stayed nice, he'd go out and wash my car that afternoon.  Milo looked up at Jesse and said, "car car" and Jesse said, "what about the car?" and Milo made the sign and said, "keen" (which means clean).  I think Jesse about fell over right then!  

Have a great week!

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