Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Jesse's New Job and More

Well, things are going very well around here!  We're all happy and healthy, and the weather has been beautiful!  This is Milo enjoying a chocolate chip pancake that Grandpa Joe made him.  Nothing like chocolate ALL over the place....
A nice smile from Milo while we were playing outside this morning.
Such a big boy now, he drinks the milk when he's done with his cereal!  He actually does a very good job of rarely spilling.
Um, time for us to figure out a new way to "lock" our gates.  If you look closely you can see the hook is up in the air.  This one has already figured out how to open them.  We honestly thought the eye-hook latch would hold kids in for a few years....Not 20 months.... 
This is one of the first times Milo had cereal with milk and he's doing his "just one more" saying.  Obviously his mouth is full of cereal! 

We have other good news, Jesse has started a new job!  He's still with the probation department, but he is now a Supervising Probation Officer!  He started this on Monday and is very excited about the opportunity!  He's an executive now!  

Happy Mother's Day to everyone!  

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