Monday, June 4, 2012

Strawberry Picking 2012!

Wow, June already! We're off to a great start, for Memorial Day we went to a lake with the Tibbs' and our children are fish! We then went strawberry picking this last weekend.

Milo starts T-ball on Thursday! 

Jesse assisting Lena with swimming. She is WAY TOO confident in the water. She would jump (she thought she was jumping, really she was falling) off the dock into our arms and the water was shallow enough that she would walk until it was too deep.  

Lena, Milo, Kennedy, and Kamden on the float. Jesse would pull them around. Milo would randomly use a noodle to play/float on, but mostly he just swam.  

Lena coloring/drawing. She will do this a few times a day, and still use both hands. She swirls a lot, I LOVE it!! 

 Milo before swim lessons, interacting with Lena. :)

Milo wanted a picture of him in the flippers, it's a new thing at swimming. Not the best picture. Also on this day they put the pole in the deep end (9 feet) and the kids hold onto it and work their way down to the bottom and touch with their feet. Milo did it on the first try!!! I have it on video!

Lena loving the Cookie Monster slippers 

 Lena showing me a strawberry that she picked. It was VERY windy on Saturday! 

Master Picker Milo! He did great! 

This may be my favorite picture ever of Lena! Notice the strawberry on her face, her hand, and her shirt! Good thing the shirt was ruined before we went! 

I just had to get a picture of her face covered in juice! 

This is the 8 batches of jam and two strawberry rhubarb pies that I made from our strawberries! And we still have a bunch of berries left over!

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