Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Milo's First Stitches

We've had an exciting July so far, Milo got his first stitches, he was such a champ! Lena's vocabulary is exploding and she's cracking us up with her random words. Not sentences yet, but she did walk up to Jesse the other night and said, "I want more", a little shocking to us. Her new thing today is, "no, no, no, no, no!"

Jesse took Milo down to Madison, Indiana a few weekends ago for a big boat race. They braved 100+ degrees but Milo had a blast. It was nice for them to have Daddy/Milo time while Lena and I went to Cleveland for my cousin's high school graduation party. 

Onto the pictures!

 Jesse took the kids to the zoo Saturday so I could work on cupcakes for a wedding. Milo's new thing is wanting to ride the ponies. I guess Lena said she wanted to ride, also, but made it one foot and started screaming. They were nice and let Milo go around twice.

Lena enjoying yogurt! 

Father's Day morning before Jesse woke up. The kids made him paintings, which are now hanging up in his office at work. 

My parent's had two HUGE trees fall during a storm a few weeks ago. This is my dad showing Lena some of the damage. 

Lena making an obstacle course out of my parent's coffee table. 

My poor big guy about an hour after getting 5 stitches in his upper lip. This happened during the first five minutes of t-ball, and no, the ball nor the bat hit him. The ball went over his head, he turned to go get it, and fell onto the track surrounding the field. It was a clean split and Jesse took him to Med-Point. The doctor and nurses were so impressed with Milo, they said he did better than most adults! He didn't even cry while he was there and came home with stickers and lollipops! 

 Jesse and Milo making cupcake inserts so my mind could be at rest for delivering cupcakes to a wedding on Sunday. And I can reuse them!

Milo WANTED to wash the dishes that didn't fit in the dishwasher this morning. He thoroughly enjoyed himself! 

Milo got his stitches out yesterday morning! He was very nervous about it, but he did great, yet again! I think once it's fully healed, we'll barely be able to see it.

Silly Harley and Jesse at our friend's wedding. These two are goofballs.

The kids dancing! Look! Lena's more than three feet away from me!

Milo enjoying the splash pad!

This is the closest Lena got to the water by herself. For a child that LOVES the water, she did not like this. She's looking over my shoulder as I work on this and she keeps saying, "swimsuit"!

Jesse taking Lena into the "shower" at the splash pad. Good picture of both of them!


I took the kids up to the KOA campground in St. Joe/Coloma, Michigan to spend some time with my aunt and her family. The kids climbing the fence.

Uncle Jerry carrying Lena to the playground (it was SO hot yesterday!).

Milo digging at the playground, it was also the only part in the shade!

Goggle-eyes Milo taking a drink before getting in the pool. He was doing some awesome cannonballs and there was a lady that clapped for him every time he did one!

This is Lena's new "smile" when I ask her to smile. Either way, she is awesome in the water with her Puddle Jumper on!

Me and the kids with Aunt Lorraine, Uncle Jerry, Kevin and Andrea in the camp store (aaahhh, air conditioning!).

Have a great week!

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  1. Great Pics! Love the one of Jesse and Lena too! And Milo with his stiches out! Great smile!