Sunday, May 27, 2012


Seriously, May is almost over!? It has flown by and we've had a lot of fun! Lena is very close to potty training, she randomly wants to go on the frog potty (our training potty), and will go! The problem is that we'll have a day when we aren't going anywhere so I'll let her run around naked and then the next day we're barely home, so there's no consistency. One of these days I'll make a true attempt. At least she's interested! 

We went to Milo's K orientation almost 2 weeks ago and it was pretty neat! They have a lot of technology, and he'll have ART!!! We found out that the first day of school will be his 5th birthday and there's an open house the night before. I'll be asking his teacher if he can bring in a treat, a bunch of people say that he'll make friends very quickly if he's able to. :) I think I'll be too much of an emotional wreck to make cupcakes, so whatever he can take will be store bought. 

Also on the first day we'll walk him to the main door at 8:40, he'll go in all by himself and we won't see him again until 3:00! I was pretty distressed when I found that out, but he's a social kid, participates in group activities and plays well with others, so I know he'll be fine. I, on the other hand, will need a tranquilizer. :)

I've told Jesse that I have no idea what Lena and I will do with all of our "free" time, and he told me that we're going to go get mani-pedis. Hahaha  

Onto the pictures!

"They've been working on the railroad" at the Elkhart Train Museum. They had a great time and the weekend we went was a train enthusiast weekend. Man, there are a LOT of men passionate about trains. Like I don't know what it's like to live with boys that are passionate about things with motors...

My boxcar children! Lena wouldn't smile for the camera but smiled when Jesse offered to get her down. 

Lena picking dandelions while we were walking through the train yard. I love this picture.

Milo "changing points"

We went to Fort Wayne last weekend to see family from Oklahoma and Illinois and got BK for dinner on the way. Milo being silly (maybe distinguished?) in his crown.

Lena mimicking Milo's pose. These two love each other SO much!!!

I bought Milo a snorkel at a garage sale last weekend and he figured out how to use it in my parent's hot tub. I'm pretty sure he used it the whole 30 minutes we were in there. He loved it!

My friend, Amy, gave me this tutu for Lena months ago. I finally pulled it out today, thinking it would fit (it's 18-24 months) and is a little too big on her. She loves it, though, and figured out how to keep it up, pull it up to her armpits! hahahaha

Have a great, safe, and HOT Memorial Day! We're going to our friend's house for a cookout, then heading to a state park to go swimming (let's hope the water's not too cold).

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