Saturday, October 30, 2010

Our Pumpkins!

We carved our "pumpquins" last night, as Milo calls them. Last year Jesse would draw different facial parts on our white board and have Milo choose which ones he would want on his pumpkin. Well, it continued this year, Milo even told Jesse that he (Jesse) needed to draw his (Jesse's) pumpkin's face on the board before carving, too!

This year I got a different pumpkin, rather than a solid orange one, and as I cut the top off of it, we realized that it smelled like a cucumber. Just interesting, that's all!

Milo, Lena, and the pumpkins on the back step.

Our lit pumpkins! Jesse's is on the left, Milo's is in the middle, and mine is on the right.

Milo scooping out the guts from Jesse's pumpkin. He would count the number of seeds he pulled out each time!

Jesse and Milo carving Milo's pumpkin. The dump truck is new from the Striegel family and Milo wanted it to help scoop out the seeds...Luckily it was too big to fit in it, otherwise I think we would've had one DIRTY dump truck!

We will be trick-or-treating with the McCoige's (Harley, Michelle, Lexi and Bella) tomorrow. Lexi is a box of popcorn, Bella is a bag of M&M's, and with Milo as Junior Mints, they're a movie theater snack trio!

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