Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Early Halloween!!!

I love, love, love Halloween! I don't know why, but I do! Today was the annual Mother's & More Halloween party, and it was my first outing with both kids by myself. It went well, besides having to go get the stroller out of Jesse's car at work on the way to the party. Milo's costume is a box of Junior Mints (made by me) and Lena is a strawberry. The hat is way too big for her head, but she was warm and cozy in her outfit.

Things are going so well with Lena! She's a great baby that really only cries if she's hungry or dirty. She sleeps pretty darn well at night, last night she went 6 hours straight, ate, and then slept another 3! Both kids are asleep right now and I have no desire to sleep! I am very lucky and relaxed for having an almost 3 week-old!!!

Jesse went back to work this week and I wasn't worried when Monday rolled around. Things have been going very smoothly, I even managed to make Milo's costume, do some baking, and even helped with laundry. Okay, I'm impressed with myself...

Here are some pics from the last two weeks:

Lena's first trip to the zoo was so exciting for her, she slept through the whole thing!

Milo's annual picture on the brass tortoise. I love how Jesse's hat looks like it's on the head...

Milo pretending to sleep next to Lena. He loves to lay down next to her, kiss and hug her, and talk to her. Yesterday he pretended to fall down in front of her and said, "Baby sister save me!"

Lena "playing" on her sheepskin. This onesie fit her last week...I guess she is growing!

Lena's pumpkin that Milo decorated for her at the party today. We will be carving our pumpkins tonight!

This is where Milo chose to sit and eat while all the other kids got their picture taken today...Great attitude, kid...

This is his costume, almost finished. Notice the smile on his face.

This is him in his costume at the party today, notice the face. He refused to show any enthusiasm when I had the camera on. He does love his costume, though, he tells everyone he's a box of candy.

Have a great Halloween!!!

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