Sunday, August 16, 2009

Milo's 2nd Birthday Party!!!!

Wow! We had an awesome time at Milo's birthday party yesterday! Harley and Michelle were nice enough to let us use their house (again) for the party, which is a big help! Here are some pictures from the fun we had! He got too many presents for me to put pictures up of everything, but he is on system overload with all the toys! He bounces to and from between things!
Uncle Brian got Milo a scooter WITH a helmet, and Milo is in love! He will willingly put on the "hemet" but not the knee pads, and either be pushed or scoot himself! He even wears the helmet in the house! This picture is of the first time he went outside with it, and as you can see, he's doing it all by himself! I guess this morning he was telling Jesse that the scooter was "neat" and "fun" as he was playing with it.

Milo's MOUND of presents! He had so many he didn't know what to do with them! He only opened a few of them himself, luckily there were plenty of other kids to help him rip open the rest! Milo's in the green shirt in the middle of the picture.

We had a piñata (we call them "piestas", thanks to Lexi) that was a big number 2. This is all the kids going for the candy.

Milo hitting the piñata.
Maizie enjoying the Handy Manny cake.

We had two pools and a sprinkler set up for the kids. This one is the one for the little kids, but Milo had fun splashing in it!
Great Grandma Bunny (bottom), G.G. (Great Grandma aka Grandma Margaret), Grandad, and Grandma Elaine all saying "Cheese" for the camera.
Milo's cake.
Milo helping me dust in preparation for family coming over.
Are you guys brothers? No.....YES!!!!! Harley had to change his shirt once he saw what Jesse was wearing, that way they looked alike. Silly boys.....They also did this for our friend's wedding 2 years ago. Oh yeah, they're also showing off the Tato Skins. d-o-r-k-s
Me and Michelle. We chose not to dress alike. Although both of our outfits did have big flowers on them....
This is a family of baby racoons that came out of the tree next door. It's the only time I've seen them, they were so cute!

Milo's actual birthday is on Friday, I don't know what we'll do yet for a celebration.

Have a great week!!!! We are so glad everyone came to celebrate with us!

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  1. Happy Birthday to Milo! Looks like you guys had a blast! I'm so impressed that you braved hosting that many kids!!!

    p.s. TOTALLY would not have recogonized Harley if you hadn't noted that it was him w/ Jesse!