Sunday, August 9, 2009

Fun Times

Hello and happy Sunday! We've had some good times in the last week, Milo loves to play in his pool, no matter what the temperature is outside or the water temp! I've been LOVING the temperatures this summer, Milo and I have been playing outside plenty! I'm not too happy about this warm week coming up.....

Grandma and PawPaw went through the play room at their house and Milo got this cute boat. He LOVES it! The bottom is open and he "schooches" it around the room. He's almost too big for it, but for now, he can play with it to his heart's content!

We went over to Erin and Jeremy's on Saturday and they have 4-wheelers. This was Milo's first time on one, and he thoroughly enjoyed it! He didn't like the helmet until Jesse started moving, and then he didn't care! He rode on it twice and told it "bye-bye" when he was done and it was time to go home.

Milo and Kassidy on Erin's 4-wheeler. They wouldn't look at the camera and smile at the same time. Kassidy calls him "Lilo" and he calls her "KaaKaa". He also refers to himself as "Mimo".

Milo playing in the yard while Jesse was watering grass seed. Milo loved when Jesse tried to spray him.
Going down the slide in his pool. He likes to put his arms up and say "Wheee!" while he goes down.
Milo is obsessed with his diggie at the moment. It stays outside in the garage and as soon as we go outside, he gets it out. Once he got used to having the pool outside, the diggie had to go in pool, too! He says, "scoop dump" as he fills the buckets. It cracks me up! At the playground on Friday he pretended he was a diggie and would pick up the sand in his hands, say "scoop", lift them over his head, and drop the sand saying, "dump".

This just made me laugh by butt off! I went in to get him one morning and his shirt was all wound up around his arm-I have NO idea what he had been trying to do! It was twisted twice, I think! He has not been able to take his shirt off by himself yet, maybe that's what he was trying to do!

Have a great week! We have a birthday party to get ready for....I wonder whose......

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