Friday, July 31, 2009

Fair Oaks Dairy Farm

Hello again! On Wednesday Milo and I went with some girls from Mother's & More to Fair Oaks Dairy Farm about 2 hours away. We had a very good time! One thing that we had not anticipated was that we wouldn't be able to pet the cows. Luckily on our tour (on a bus) they explained that they don't want humans bringing diseases to the cows, which makes perfect sense! They do have 80,000 heads of cattle!

Milo had some milk at lunch, from the local cows! Right before we left to come home we had some ice cream, and it was possibly the BEST ice cream I've ever had! It was so smooth and creamy! Delicious!!!!

They also have a birthing barn where you can see calves being born! They have 80 born every day! Milo wasn't too interested in this, but it was neat to watch.

One of the nicest smiles I've ever gotten from him in a picture! He was sitting like a big boy on the bus tour.
Me and Milo on the bus tour.
They have this big kid area and one of the things that they can do is drive the electric tractors! Milo knew he needed to push the pedal down but didn't do it consistently. He enjoyed it for the 2 minutes I let him play on it, there was a LONG line of bigger kids waiting to ride!!!
Hayden (in the stroller), Milo, and Hunter on the fiberglass cow outside the birthing barn.
This is a familiar face around the house now. He makes this face when he throws a fit because he doesn't get what he wants! Ah, the terrible twos are upon us!
A cute picture of me and Milo outside the birthing barn!

Have a great weekend!!!!

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