Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lena's First Birthday and Other Things

Well, our Sweet Little Lena has turned ONE!!! She had a great birthday and we just had her party yesterday. I have a lot of pictures to show, so I won't write much now.

Lena went for her one year check-up on Thursday and she's 31 inches and 22.5 lbs. According to Baby Center's growth chart she's 90-95% for height and 50-75% for weight. She also received 6 shots. She did great, only cried for a few seconds. I probably would've cried longer!

Lena can walk between furniture but she won't walk across a room. We think she's just taking her time (aka being lazy). :)

That was a good party! Jesse laid her down and started rubbing her head and she passed out!

I got a cash register just like Maizie's from Grandma and Grandpa!!!

Playing outside during the party!

This is on her actual birthday, she's sitting on the car holding her new baby, both from Grandma and Papa.

We got Lena a xylophone for her birthday, and she was very happy. I love the expression, and the closed eyes crack me up!

Back to the party-the kids going for the candy from the piƱata!

Milo and Maizie enjoying the owl cake pops!

We went to Leininger Farm's last weekend to do their corn maze and this is our family photo. Not the best but it'll do until the kid's yearly pictures in a few weeks.

Milo and Lena on a tractor at the Farm.

Milo taking a break in the corn maze. This year's shape was the state of Indiana. They also put questions throughout, we missed five of the 20. Not too bad considering all the guessing we had to do... :)

Lena enjoying her cupcake on her birthday!

We bought a new climber a few weeks ago and the kids love it!

This is the shirt that I modified for Lena's party! It's supposed to look ragged.

Have a great week! I'm partied out, good thing we have about 10 months until the next one...

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