Friday, September 23, 2011

Quick Update

Happy first day of Fall!! I love wearing jeans and sweatshirts, so this is perfect weather for me!

We've been playing outside and Milo loves to kick around a soccer ball! He does this funny little jump when he goes to kick the ball and I'm amazed he doesn't fall down each time! Yesterday he had a really good kick so Lena and I clapped for him. The next thing I know, Milo stops and does a bow! So cute!

I picked up this climbing toy/slide at a garage sale over 2 years ago and we've recently discovered that Lena loves to play on it. Well, once Lena enjoys something, Milo has to play with it, too. I think he's too big for it, especially since when he stands on the ground he's as tall (if not taller!) than it!

It was a heart attack in the making, but I was brave enough to let Lena climb up it and go down the slide by herself! The first few times I lunged with every move she made, but lately she climbs up and just sits at the top of the slide.

Is this the cutest alien ever??

I found Lena sitting IN the dump truck! And no, she's not leaning against the couch!

Isn't this how we all sleep??

Lena has FINALLY started to use more signs! In the span of a week she started doing: drink, eat, more (randomly), and milk. Lena can also take about 8-10 steps before she loses her balance!!

I also think she's teething because she is super crabby, which isn't like her at all. y.e.a.h.

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