Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring is Almost Here!

I am SO excited about this weather! I went outside for a second this morning and even though it was a bit cool, the sun was shining and there were birds chirping, horray!!!

Yesterday was St. Patrick's Day so the kids and I had some green on and spent a lot of the day either gone or playing outside! Milo and I even split a Shamrock Shake, delicious!

Lena is now 5 months old, where has the time gone??? She sits up by herself (with the boppy behind her just in case she decides to flop, which does happen), loves the Johnny Jump-Up, playing in the saucer, and is FINALLY back to sleeping at least 10 hours straight at night. After she got sick back in January it took over a month for her to sleep really well again. She absolutely LOVES her big brother and grins every time she sees him. Don't worry, the feeling's mutual, Milo always tells her "sweet dreams" at nap time and asks her how her "sweet dreams" were when she wakes up.

Lena does only nap for 30-45 minutes at a time and then is only up for 1.5-2 hours before she goes back down. I can't complain since she's happy when she wakes up and is sleeping through the night! She is still eating every 2 hours, though. Ugh. We will start her on cereal on her 6 month birthday. Jesse's excited because that means he gets to help even more! What a great dad, he wants to be involved in every aspect of our children's lives!

Here are some pictures from the last month and a half:

My big, pretty girl sitting up by herself, enjoying the nice weather!

Milo's first ride on his bike this year-he actually pedaled it himself!!! He's practicing so we can ride down to the park, etc.

Riding his scooter-he was so proud of himself when he got both feet off the ground and was still moving, he even this little move/gesture when he would stop, it was so cute!!!

Lena loving the sunshine in her St. Patty's outfit.

Whose child is this? Corndog stick in one hand, cupcake in another...

Lena loving the Johnny Jump-up, she will get this awesome look of concentration and grab the straps, then jump.

For Jesse's birthday he decided that he wanted to go to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. We went on a Tuesday and Milo was in HEAVEN! This is Milo in front of the "bullet train". Our child will randomly say, "I miss my bullet train, I need to go see it." We've assured him that we will go back, we just don't know when.

We don't know where or what started this, but Milo loves to make a "big belly" and "big back". He takes stuffed animals (or in this case balls) and shoves them up his shirt. Here's he's playing with Kassidy. Every day he makes a big belly, and even calls his bedroom his "Big Belly Store". It's adorable, maybe he's trying to look like Mommy and Daddy...

The first nice day outside a few weeks ago. Milo decided to dig a hole, but couldn't tell me what was going to go in the hole.

Lena's 5 month picture, very happy little girl!

Have a great weekend!!!

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