Monday, February 22, 2010

Roller Skating, More Snow and Creative Coloring

Happy snowy Monday to you! We got some really wet, heavy snow overnight but I won't take Milo out to play in it, he'd be soaked. Oddly enough with all the snow we've gotten this winter, this was the first snow to cause the dish to go out. Luckily we can reach it and clean it off.

Yesterday Jesse took Milo out to play and this is what they came up with:

"Mount Milo", which he needed help getting up on, but stood there all by himself showing me his shovel.

They made this fort first, it's kind of hard to see. After I took this picture Milo started knocking pieces off of it. I should've made a snowball and thrown it at him....

Milo got very creative the other night coloring. He and Daddy were coloring cars (obviously) when Milo decided that Squeeze (pliers) needed to help them. He would have Squeeze hold a crayon and then color. This is the best picture I got of him putting a crayon in Squeeze, the ones where he was coloring just didn't turn out.

We went to Tot Skate on Friday morning. He wore the skates for about 20 minutes before they blew up a bounce house and then the skates and shoes needed to come off. He didn't want them back on the rest of the time, which was fine because other kids weren't wearing theirs, either. Once Milo was used to the place he would stop and point out EVERY SINGLE red dot on the floor.....what fun!

When we first got there Milo hopped on this toy and went around the rink. He is way too big for it, but he made progress. One of my friend's husband told her he was getting a kick out of watching Milo on this toy because he wasn't going anywhere, but when we turned around to look, he was all the way across the room! He figured it out, it just took him awhile to get there.
Milo's new game of the day: I have a blanket over my legs with my feet up on the coffee table. He gets his little tunnel from when he was a baby and puts it next to my legs. He then crawls through to play under the blanket, which he calls "the storm maker". This is all thanks to a train cartoon called "Chuggington".

Have a great week!

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