Thursday, February 4, 2010

Air Zoo

Hello! We've had such an exciting time around here lately with Jesse getting his new position at work. He officially started on Monday and is very happy.

Today Milo and I went up to Portage, Michigan to the Air Zoo with our friends, Amy and Aiden (who is almost 4). This is two hangers full of old planes and aircrafts. Milo LOVED it! I couldn't get really good pictures of Milo next to the planes because it was dark in the hanger. What I thought was the coolest part was that all of the walls in the newer hanger are painted in a beautiful mural. Amy said it's the largest mural in the state of Michigan.

They also have rides that people of all ages can go on. We went on one ride and had to ask the girl to stop it because Milo wasn't comfortable with how fast and high it went. At least we tried it. He did, however, love the flight simulators! He could've stayed in there the whole time if we'd let him.
Milo in one of the flight simulators. It's one of the only pictures I have of him smiling because he'd turn his head every time I went to take his picture. Since we've been home he says he kept trying to turn the plane on.

This is the upstairs of the lobby. He just loved looking at the plane hanging from the ceiling.

The "Blue Angels" simulator. The main reason I put this picture on was because Milo was wearing the ride bracelet. When I got his first one he wouldn't wear it on his wrist, so I put it on his belt loop like when he went boat racing. I had to go back to the desk to get adult ride tickets and he wanted it put on his wrist. The man at the desk gave me a new one and Milo let him put it on and was so in awe of wearing it. He kept pulling up his sleeve like he was showing it off. So cute!
They even have a "kiddie" room where there are little rides. Milo wouldn't make this rocket move, but he sat in it and hit the other buttons.

We will definitely go back to the Air Zoo and take Daddy next time!!!

This is Milo's idea of playing lately. He turns everything over and dumps out all of his bins. least he helps to pick them up.

Have a great weekend! Go Colts!!!!

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