Friday, June 10, 2011

Lena's 8 Months Old!

It seems like so much has happened in the last month! I kept meaning to update this and just haven't, sorry!

On May 18, Lena decided to really start crawling (a few feet at a time), maybe half an hour before we had to load her into the car for a 3 hour trip. She hasn't stopped moving since, and also tried to crawl up the stairs a week and a half later! Needless to say, the baby gates are up!

Lena had also been pulling herself to standing on us while we were on the floor for a few weeks and this last Wednesday she decided to pull herself up to standing on the couch and start furniture walking. Milo was slow to go with this, but by the end of the day she was doing laps around the music table!

Yesterday Lena was playing on said music table and saw a toy on the floor she wanted. She let go of the table and face-planted the floor. She was fine, but it was hilarious to see!

She also now pulls herself up in her crib...Why do I think she's going to be an early walker???

Milo has also had his first sleep over away from home in the last month! Two separate occasions and both nights have been with Jesse's parents. He has a great time!

Lena's 7 month picture-she kept laughing at me every time I would take a picture.

We went down to Indy and hung out with friends while Jesse went to a conference. We all went on a walk and this is the kids playing in the creek-which they LOVED! Lena slept through it, of course!

This is moments before the previous picture. Milo and the girls had been leaning over the creek and he fell in. I told him to take off his shoes and socks and go play in the creek, glad I did!

Sami and the girls showing Milo how to feed bread to the fish. Sadly, he had never done that before. The bluegills were crazy, they swam as close to the edge as they could! Grace (in red) was pretty sure that one got her finger! We miss our friends!

We also went to the Children's Museum (which now is brought up at least once a day in our house, courtesy of Milo) and I won't bore you with a bunch of pictures, I only picked out a few. This is Milo making his boat go down the stream table.

Shock, shock, Milo in a race car! He was hilarious because as he's climbing into it he looks at Jesse and says, "Daddy, this car doesn't have a steering wheel!" He then had to "work" on it, he pretended to change the battery.

Pumping up a tire. Somehow it kept going flat...

Lena steering a train.

How to keep a Lena in a box...

I can't believe our baby is 8 months old! She rarely sits still anymore, she loves to explore and "chase" after the cat (she's not fast enough to get her, though).

Splashing in the whale pool out back. She was uncertain at first, which was hard for us to believe because she LOVES being in the bath and the hot tub, but she warmed up.

This is one of the first things she explored once she started crawling. Notice the shoes at the bottom? Well, all of the shoes have to be on the porch now, I caught Lena chewing on one of Jesse's sandals-GROSS!!!

We still don't know how this happened, but Milo was eating a cupcake and the next thing we knew, he looked like this! We say he nosedived into it. The cupcake also ended up (frosting down) on the carpet.

Strawberry picking opens this weekend so hopefully we can go soon! Time to make more jam!!!

Have a great weekend!!!

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