Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas is almost here!

I can't believe that Christmas is only three short days away! Whenever Milo gets asked what he wants, he replies, "presents". I can't decide if this is a good answer or not, it leaves so many possibilities open!

We had an exciting day yesterday, Lena decided to roll over from front-to-back! I was very surprised. I put her on the floor to do tummy time and went in the kitchen. I heard her fuss after a minute and when I came back out, she was on her back! I couldn't believe it so I put her back on her tummy and she instantly rolled over again! The next time took her a minute or so, and then she wouldn't do it for the camera, of course. She wore herself out and then took a nap. She's 10.5 weeks old, which is why we were so surprised, Milo didn't do this until he was 4.5-5 months old. She did roll over a few more times yesterday but every time I had the camera on her, she wouldn't do it!

We had our Mother's & More holiday party last Friday and here is Lena in her Santa outfit.

I just LOVE this picture!!!

She even sat on Santa's lap. I don't know what she told him she wanted, though, she's kept it a secret.

My adorable kiddos!

Milo helped me wrap presents last week. He worked on Lena's present the entire time I wrapped the rest of them. Her present still looks like this! He's proud of himself and that's what matters.

Milo and I went out and shoveled the sidewalk last week and then played in the snow. He's so cute while playing!!! My neighbor was telling me that she told people at work about Milo playing in the snow and trying to throw "snowballs" (it was NOT packing snow) at me.

I buried him in the snow. He was having a blast! We even caught snowflakes on our tongues! He loves to help shovel, our neighbor's mom even bought him a shovel last winter after seeing him out there helping Jesse.

I hope everyone has a great Christmas!!!

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