Wednesday, September 15, 2010

This kid CRACKS ME UP!!!

During breakfast this morning Milo got down for a minute (being a bit of a pain in the rear) with one of those little sponge dinosaurs that started out as a capsule. He came back a minute later, climbed back up in his chair and told me that he needed my help getting the dinosaur out of a hole and that I would need a screwdriver. I told him I was going to finish my breakfast and then I would help him.

So we finish our breakfast and I'm sure that he's put it down the register (our house is so old it has registers in the wall that have about 1 inch square openings). Well, we walk right past the register that he has randomly "lost" things down and turn into his bedroom. I'm thinking that he put it down the register in his room, which he's never done. He instead stops in his doorway and points to the opening in the doorway where the door latches. He points in there and says that he put the dinosaur in there. I look and can't see anything, so I just started laughing and told him that I was sorry, but it's lost forever, there's no way Daddy or I could get it out. He then tells me that we need "to get some guys to tear down the house to get the dinosaur out"!!! I told him that wasn't going to happen and laughed again.

He's not upset about it, but man, does that kid know how things work!!! Jesse was confused as to how there was a space there, but I looked again and managed to get my finger almost stuck in the space, there's definitely enough room for him to get his little finger in there and lose a dinosaur. Hopefully he's learned his lesson.

Now, do I let him know that he has 11 more of those dinosaur capsules or do I wait a day or two to do another one???

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