Monday, May 10, 2010

I think we have a potty-trained Milo!

Well, I call Milo a "Super Pee-er" because he is doing so well with potty training! He hasn't had an accident for a few days and he told us when he needed to go while out shopping, even though he had on a diaper! I took him to the bathroom and he went, so we're very excited. He even told us when he needed to go at Jesse's parent's house!

I had my one-hour glucose test this morning (one of my doctors said that I should be tested at 17 weeks since I had gestational diabetes with Milo's pregnancy) and PASSED!!! I thought I would fail for sure, but was super excited when my number was fine. I celebrated with a frappe from McDonald's. I know, way to try and overload my body. I will get re-tested at 24-28 weeks like a "normal" pregnancy, and if I fail that test, I'll be fine, that's how long I was on the diet with Milo, I just didn't want to eat like that for over half of my pregnancy.

I had a wonderful Mother's Day, I got new pots and pans! Our other ones were non-stick and the teflon has been bubbling and flaking off, so it was time. We went with "stick" pans (what do you call them when they're not non-stick?) and they are so shiny and beautiful! Milo also painted me a coffee mug. Jesse had him paint it while I had the opportunity to sleep in on Sunday, and when I came downstairs, Milo looked at me and said, "I just paint you a cup!" I wasn't supposed to get it until it was good and dry in the afternoon, he cracks me up.

I also signed Milo up for swimming lessons at the Y today. We'll start with the parent/tot class and see how he does. Poor Milo wanted to go swimming today, he could see the pool while I was getting us registered. We have about a month until the class starts. He also dunks himself in my parent's hot tub, so hopefully he'll do well.

Have a great week, ours is off to a great start!!!

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  1. Yeah Milo!!! Glad to hear you have a wonderful Mother's Day! Swim lessons at the Y are a blast.