Monday, January 18, 2010

Staircase Make-over

When we bought our house four years ago the staircase was not pleasing to the eye (who installs a railing like this?) and was prohibiting us from getting our furniture upstairs, so it was ripped out the day we moved in. We kept telling ourselves that by the time we had a kid we would have a new one installed. Of course by the time Milo came around there was no railing and we kept saying, "oh, once he's crawling we'll install one." Nope. Jesse just kept modifying the bottom few steps to keep Milo safe. So I finally told myself that at the beginning of 2010 we would put one in. AND WE DID!!!!

This is what it looked like when we bought the house. Notice the weird angle up at top...

This is how it looks now, 4 long years later! We just need to paint the wood, so maybe in another four years it'll be done. The angle is the same going ALL the way up, which the hand is very pleased with! It's bizarre because going up and down the stairs my hand naturally lands on it when we haven't had one in forever! Milo came out of his room on Sunday afternoon and was very surprised, he kept telling us that it's "pretty". He also likes walking up the stairs holding onto the rail.

Incase you didn't figure this out, we did all the work ourselves! We have big heads at the moment because of our awesome work!

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